PancakeSwap Introduces 2 Brand New Syrup Pools in Partnership With ChainGuardians

Notable Automated Market Maker (AMM) PancakeSwap just added two new Syrup tools in partnership with ChainGuardians, a non-fungible token (NFT) gaming blockchain that mixes the concept of traditional gaming with blockchain tokens and rewards.

After the successful bridge of the $CGG token, the native token of the ChainGuardians on the pNetwork decentralized application (dApp) platform allows users to make the switch between the ERC20 token to its BEP20 counterpart. Users will be able to take part in the PancakeSwap Syrup pools. $CAKE owners can also mine the token as well, giving existing PancakeSwap investors an additional bonus.

The Syrup Pools

Total Tokens: 188,680 pCGG

Distribution duration: 60 days

Start block: 6695630 (approx. 7 am UTC on April 19th)

Finish block: 8423630 (approx. 7 am UTC on June 18th)

Token rewards per block: 0.10918 pCGG

Total Tokens: 643,000 MIX

Distribution duration: 90 days

Start block: 6695800 (approx. 7 am UTC on April 19th)

Finish block: 9287800 (approx. 7 am UTC on July 18th)

Token rewards per block: 0.24807 MIX

Pancake pCGG Farm

To host the pCGG Syrup pool, PancakeSwap will provide a pCGG-BNB farm with a 2x cake reward for the first 48hrs, with 1x rewards afterward. This decision is subjected to the PancakeSwap governance protocol as the PCS platform is a community-driven protocol.

When the pCGG farm goes live, users will be able to stake their LPs using the PancakeSwap Farm. Simply hit the search button when live.

About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is a blockchain meet superhero platform, according to the platform. It’s a blockchain concept that attempts to mix traditional gaming with the blockchain. The platform uses play-to-learn instructions and free-to-play services to incentivise gamers to their blockchain project. The platform boasts the world’s first NFT mining platform, and its interoperable RPG combines inspiring artwork with imaginative storytelling with Governance protocol.

What are pCGG Tokens?

pCGG is the equivalent token of the CGG native token minted on the BSC network through PancakeSwap. It can be obtained via switching on the pNetwork bridge.

pCGG bridge on pNetwork

The tokens will be presented with the blockchain symbol by the side, as seen on the image above. 

Here is the pCGG official smart contract address.

What are MIX tokens?

MIX is the ChainGuardians BEP20 protocol token that can be farmed on the PancakeSwap Syrup pool. Users can also obtain MIX through participating in ChainGuardian’s NFT mining platform. If users have farmed enough MIX, they can convert them into the NFTs available on the BSC network. 

The official MIX Token Contract Address

What is Mixie?

MIX-MIXIE Swap Interface

Obtaining enough MIX tokens will allow users to swap them for MIXIE NFTs. To swap MIX tokens into MIXIE NFTs, users will have to explore the swap network in a one-click process that simply requires connecting to the network.

Here is the official Mixie NFT Token address. To learn more about MIXIE, explore this LINK.

About PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is the number one Dex aggregator and AMM on the BSC network that boasts an incredible Total Value Locked (TVL) of more than $7 billion. Its native token, CAKE, is one of the most utilized on the network, currently trading above a $20 price point.


The ChainGuardians core product is centered around Gaming and NFTs to introduce traditional gaming into blockchains. Its token bridge into BSC will serve as an entry into the BSC world of Liquidity Farming through the biggest farming pool on the network – the Syrup Farming Pool.

Please note that the Syrup pool is not live yet; users should be careful of exploring scam links or buying clone tokens as these scams are prevalent and can lead to permanent loss of investor funds. To avoid crypto scams, check out our article on the subject that details a handful of common scam tactics and how to identify them. 

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