PancakeSwap Celebrates Birthday with NFT Giveaway

PancakeSwap says Happy Birthday to its users and itself with a specialized NFT giveaway for completing simple tasks.

One Trip Around the Sun

The first year of the largest Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Automated Market Maker (AMM) in PancakeSwap is now behind us. In celebration the team is presenting its fanbase with 100 Pancake Squad Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a special giveaway.

PancakeSwap wants to hear from its users during the giveaway. Along with the typical social media sign-ups and retweets that come with a digital celebration of this caliber, PancakeSwap wants its users to tell their own PancakeSwap story. 

“Storytime: 15/100. Quote-RT this post with #PancakeSquad and share your story with PancakeSwap for a chance to win one of 15 NFTs,” PancakeSwap tweeted as an invitation to users.

PancakeSwap continues to build the hype around their NFT launch, which is expected in about two weeks due to postponement. The PancakeSwap team also tweeted out a few nostalgic tweets to remind fans of what it was like when they first began, notably including some images of photoshopped announcements that appear quite boring now that PancakeSwap has enlisted the cute graphics of Cecy Meade.


The rest of the 85 NFTs are available for various other tasks, some of them random and some more specific. The team encourages users to complete tasks like joining the Telegrams associated with their language and buying a Pancake lottery ticket for chances. All tasks have specific requirements, so be sure to check the PancakeSwap thread for all the information.

StoryTime: PancakeSwap Edition

There will only be 100 NFTs to win, but 15 lucky winners can woo the judges with a sweet story. The comment replies of the PancakeSwap Twitter post flooded with stories from users. 

All the stories show insight into the variety of users and experiences from around the industry. PancakeSwap has changed lives according to many of the accounts.

“Happy birthday @PancakeSwap. When I first heard about crypto and defi, you were one of my top choices. The key reason I chose to believe and participate in $cake is the utility that you bring to the world. With your pinioring [sic] spirit, the crypto space has been changed forever,” tweeted user @synexiz


“As I started my journey with crypto and I learned about binance smart chain and eventually about [sic] wonderful dex called pancakeswap. I can easily use dex even being a starter! I used pancakeswap for exchanging my tokens for crypto blades and mobox and staked some pancake too!” wrote @crypto_adda1. 

There are some truly remarkable stories. Feel free to read more in the thread as there are some more profound and funny ones worth reading!

“Well I might have missed the ride but I know many of [sic] friends whose lives have been changed by cake. By getting cake tokens in reward & then staking them they have earned thousands.  So thank you @PancakeSwap for changing lives and contributing to the community. Happy Birthday!!” proclaimed user @keshavsingla.

PancakeSwap shows no signs of slowing down with age. With the NFT marketplace on its way, the platform looks set to take on a whole new paradigm.

Happy Birthday, PancakeSwap!

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