PancakeSwap Announces New NFT Marketplace and Collection

After a year of success, PancakeSwap has turned its attention to the NFT space with a brand new collection and marketplace.


The move is an ambitious one and signals PancakeSwap’s intent to expand its role in the market. The summer of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) is spreading like ivy across all platforms. PancakeSwap’s team shared sparse details such as how trades will be carried out and evaded putting forward a specific timeline. 

The announcement from Binance Smart Chain (BSC)’s top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) was initially made on the 20th of August via the official Medium page. The move shows again that PancakeSwap has an ear out to their community in a constant effort to improve and diversify their platform. 

“We’ve heard your cries. We’ve seen the tweets. We’ve even seen you explode with rage. Well, we’re hopping with joy to announce: we’re working on it.” The team explained via Medium, ”As usual, we won’t be sharing the timeline, but we’re working to deliver the simplest version possible ASAP, which we’ll then iterate on and improve.”

Many feel PancakeSwap can’t do much wrong this year, and this latest announcement comes in response to many calling out for a BSC equivalent of OpenSea. As one of the largest DEXes in all of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the weight of both their market share and the power of the $CAKE token give credence to a successful launch.



The marketplace will initially begin as a ‘Minimum Viable Product (MVP), meaning this is an early version of a product with just enough features for quick execution and users to get a feel. 

In its initial form, users will only be able to trade PancakeSwap’s NFTs. After the MVP is established, the team will expand the marketplace to a broader range of collectibles. Interestingly, you will not be able to purchase NFTs via CAKE.

Initial features are as follows:

Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs

Trades will be conducted in BNB/WBNB

Fees earned in the marketplace will be used to buyback and burn CAKE

Initial tradeable NFTs will be from PancakeSwap and a part of the first-ever collection.


First Collection

PancakeSwap’s ‘Chef Cecy will drop the initial collection.’ The team stated that the mint numbers are still yet to be confirmed, but the overall number of the collection will be limited. They also explain that each NFT will be unique according to a set of traits that designates rarity. 

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