PancakeSwap and CryptoBlades Team Up For Staking Proposal

The proposal looks primed to pass and set up a cross-over between two of the largest projects on BSC.

Giants Collide

The top two entities on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are coming together for a staking opportunity. A new governance proposal on PancakeSwap has emerged to offer syrup pool staking with the native token SKILL of the popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) play-to-earn game, CryptoBlades. 

The proposal was put forth on July 29 and has an expiration set for 04:00 UTC on the 30th. The proposal successfully passed with 95% voting in favor at the time of closure. PancakeSwap announced a the new syrup pool with 13,000% APY via Twitter.


SKILL and CAKE holders can expect high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) pool rewards. The combined power of CryptoBlades and PancakeSwap is notable. Owners of both CAKE and SKILL can get ready to stake. 

Both PancakeSwap and CryptoBlades have the largest user base among all decentralized applications on BSC. PancakeSwap has over 270,000 users, and CryptoBlades notably just eclipsed 300,000 and is growing daily. Both projects have firmly powered through the recent bear market to maintain their growth. 

Syrup Pool Details

Users will be able to stake CAKE tokens to earn SKILL tokens. There will be a total of 2500 SKILL Tokens available. Users will be limited to staking 100 CAKE for the first 48 hours, followed by unlimited CAKE staking.

PancakeSwap will also create a SKILL-BNB yield farm to host the SKILL Syrup Pool. The SKILL-BNB farm will have 1x CAKE rewards for the first 48 hours and then 0.5x CAKE rewards. The first 48 hours will give the best rewards, so the team at PancakeSwap is limiting staking amounts to keep the spread open to everyone.


Another pool created that will mint CAKE could raise inflation concerns, but the popularity of CryptoBlades makes this combo worthy of its own pool. This could be just the beginning of SKILL and CAKE combo packs and liquidity pools. 

What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is a web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on BSC. Like other NFT gaming platforms, CryptoBlades issues its native SKILL tokens to participants as in-game rewards. The game has received backing from major names like Binance, IGN, and Steam. They are also a recent winner of the Binance Most Valuable Builder II program.

Aside from competing to earn SKILL, players can also forge unique weapons and trade them on an open marketplace. Players can also stake their earnings and obtain more SKILL rewards. 

The CryptoBlades team is completely decentralized with over 50 developers and a GitHub open for participation and bug bounty rewards to continually improve.

Where to find CryptoBlades:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter |

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