PancakePunks NFT Project to Launch on Friday

The set of unique NFTs created by fans of PancakeSwap and CryptoPunks will be available on PancakeSwap’s NFT marketplace as well as Binance NFT.

What is PancakePunks?

PancakePunks is a project launched by PancakeSwap & CryptoPunks enthusiasts to combine the best of two projects on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A collection of 10,000 randomly generated, cute, bunny-eared pixel punks on blue background is the latest addition to the ever growing BSC ecosystem, whose recent growth has been attributed to the recent NFT mania. The recently launched PancakeSquad sold out in 8 seconds!

The NFTs

Minting price is set at 5 CAKE. Each Punk is unique, and apart from the inherent quantities of the original Punks, a completely new trait in the form of bunny ears is introduced and unique to the project.


The PancakePunks state that after all Punks have been minted, the first priority will be publishing them for sale on marketplaces such as PancakeSwap NFT and Binance NFT. The profits will be used to promote the listings. Binance has recently announced that an NFT bridge between BSC and Binance NFT will be available soon.

Investment Opportunity

Years after launch, the CryptoPunks project continues to be one of the most sought-after NFT collections. Not only the original punks have soared in price, but also their counterparts from other networks, like SolPunks, ArbiPunks and even xDaiPunks have all been profitable to the original minters. Recent examples of large transactions include the SolPunk purchased by Moonrock capital for $257,446.24.


As part of the team’s BSC innovation, a fully functional referral program was implemented for the first time on the network. Any user can generate their own link and share it with their friends, communities, chats, or followers. Each mint following their link will bring 20% (1 CAKE) directly to their wallet, instantly.


The team is keeping 1 CAKE for each mint. The remaining tokens are either used by the referral program, burned, or used for marketing. Efforts include AMAs, publications, YouTube, and Twitter promotions.

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