OxBull Announces “Surprise” MoonKat IDO on June 14th

Already active at the time of this report, the OxBull surprise IDO earlier announced today offers a first chance at obtaining MoonKat on the platform.

OxBull Surprise MoonKat IDO

According to the information released earlier today via its Medium post and Tweet, OxBull has decided to embark on their MoonKat Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on short notice. At the time of this report, the first stage IDO is already active.

MoonKat IDO Now Live | Source

OxBull calls this the “Bonus IDO,” leveraging on its recent collaboration with the MoonKat project. They spotted a healthy growth of the MoonKat community, its token technology which seeks to ensure organic growth in price through the following steps:

Integrating an anti-whale system that charges transfer of more than 0.1% of the total supply transfer with a 2BNB fee and will require using the Atomic Transfer feature via the Moonkat dApp.

Reward system of BNB every week. If the reward exceeds 2 BNB for one person, 20% will be used to buy back the token from the secondary market and burnt.

A 6% Tax for each transaction, except for the Anti-whale charge where 4% is sent back to the holders in BNB coin and 2% is sent back to the pool for liquidity.

Deflationary and reflectionary in nature to help price growth and increasing valuation.

OxBull will be releasing a small allocation separated into pairs, and like earlier mentioned, the first phase is already live! Because this is a rapid, surprise IDO, the Smart Staking rule will be slightly bent. Just hold OXB in your wallet and Smart Staking will automatically enroll (for Tier 1 and 2). The IDO will be raising with BNB.

MoonKat IDO on OxBull | Source

IDO Allocation and Tier Level

Tier 1 – Contribution window: 14th June: 0000UTC — 1300UTC (Already Started)

Tier 2 – Contribution window: 14 June: 1400UTC — 1500UTC

Tier 3 & Whitelisted Moonkat Community Contribution window (Tier 4): 14 June 15:00UTC – 16:00UTC

PancakeSwap Listing: 14th June at 17:30 UTC

For the Whitelisted Moonkat Community, the contribution will be made to Oxbull.Tech. More information can be found here.

70% of Oxbull Public Sale tokens are to be released during the token generation event (TGE) and 2% to be released daily after two weeks.

About MoonKat

MoonKat is a BSC-based protocol created to curb hyperinflation bedeviling RFI and deflationary projects. It is implementing in its technology mechanisms that help reduce the impact of sales/trades, controlling the potential effect of pump and dumps.

MoonKat BSC | Source

With a boosting community, the protocol creates an earning opportunity for users, upholds fairness. Still, they have implemented all of these valuable features that help protect everyone involved in the protocol, especially its community members.

To learn more about MoonKat, check the following resource;

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

About OxBull 

The self-styled “most progressive launchpad in the world” is one of many Launchpad/Initial Dex Offering (IDO) platforms available in Binance Smart Chain and Solana ecosystem. OxBull recently concluded the sale of the OxBull Solana IDO, which according to the report from the featured pool lists, was largely successful. The team is planning to open more pools after the sales of the current MoonKat IDO pool. 

OxBull | Source

OxBull | Source

At the time of this report, the IDO is live. The Tier 1 MoonKat IDO has already seen nearly 100% participation, and Tier 2 is going live soon afterward.

Source : bsc.news

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