The 0xbull platform will work as a startup incubator and launchpad for the new startups, which means that it has a high potential to bring in new technologies for the community.

Introduction to 0xbull

URICH, SWITZERLAND, March 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Based on the Binance Smart Chain, OxBull is an upcoming Blockchain project incubator. Working to help blockchain enthusiasts access credible and high-quality projects, OxBull wishes to bring the benefits of blockchain to the entire community.

OxBull is developed by developers who are working on the project alongside their day jobs. Coming from a tech background, the developers can resonate with the users who are unaware of the technicalities of interaction with a project, and may end up losing their investment because of the unsavory rug pulls or scams. OxBull’s prerogative is to bring quality projects to the blockchain as well as the community.

Learning As They Grow

The three tech developers working on the project are well versed with technical knowledge of the blockchain, Defi, BSC, and other related aspects. They are also learning progressively about the entire ecosystem every day and building the platform to ensure that the users get access to the best projects and protect their investments.

Even though the crypto space is highly advanced and full of new innovations, it lacks a certain amount of credibility, which directly leads to a lack of trust in the system. The group of three developers, with their Ox and Bull, want to bring unison and some quality projects into this space.

Understanding the OxB Token and Its Use Cases

OxB is the governance token of the OxBull platform, and has several use cases apart from hodling to get the benefits of pre-sale. The developers of the project state that OxB is not only a token, but it represents an entire ecosystem in itself. So, the OxB token will have the properties of a Defi and blockchain. Along with this, it comprises the properties of a deflationary token and will be used for dividends, buybacks, and other platform-specific transactions.

So, where OxB powers up the entire platform, it is also used for three other crucial purposes. OxB can be further used in three forms, Reflect Token, Ecosystem Token, and Governance Token. As a Reflect token, it can help the users generate automatic yield. Every transaction on the platform incurs a reflection fee which is then redistributed among the holders without ever taking the effort to stake or farm.

The ecosystem token is meant for users to invest early in the high potential tech startups built by enthusiastic STEM students. As a team, OxBull will help these vibrant startups get the best exposure in terms of the community and access to investors.

The First Two Pre Sales Brought 1600 BNB

10000 OxB tokens are combined to make 1 BNB, which is roughly worth $315. In the first two pre-sales, the project got a lot of traction and was highly oversubscribed. Oxbull founders, true to their commitment, remained grounded and refunded the excess amount back to the subscribers.

Reasons to HODL OxB Tokens

First and foremost, it is imperative to hodl the OxB token as it helps the users gain access to the pre-sales early on and protect them from rug pulls and scams. Once the project gains traction and the planned developments take final form, the hodlers stand to gain. Specifically, early token hodlers will receive limited edition NFTs as a reward for their trust in the system.

Working on these lines, the first project under the platform has already been launched and operationalized. Space Cowboy is a Sci-Fi themed NFT platform with an aim to build a marketplace for digital art and assets in this domain.

The first limited edition NFT were off the shelves in less than 45 minutes. The users can also stake their NFT to generate cash flow and earn SCB tokens while doing so.

In a Nutshell

As an up-and-coming platform, OxBull is still going through rough waters and looking to gain stability in the ever-growing crypto space. However, the platform’s tech developers are learning from top level universities and upskilling themselves every day in the crypto world. As they learn and grow, the OxBull platform will also get regular updates with complete authenticity and trust.

Moreover, the platform will work as a startup incubator and launchpad for the new startups, which means that it has a high potential to bring in new technologies for the community. Still, in this case, the OxB token holders stand to gain the most as they can become early investors.

Oxbull Whitepaper – Here

Source : bsc.news

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