Overlord.World – The First NFT-Integrated RPG on Mobile

Overlord is proudly the first mobile RPG game to successfully incorporate NFT. Players will be able to enjoy it with just a cell phone and an internet connection.


With the growth of the NFT trend and its influence on the game business, a slew of NFT-integrated game projects sprang out, although the majority of them were basic games or web-based games. It is quite difficult to contact gamers who do not have mobile versions. Overlord was created as the first mobile NFT-Integrated RPG to solve this problem and bring gamers the best gaming experience. 

Overlord introduces players to a youthful planet rife with tribal warfare from the dawn of civilization. Any monarch of each nation desires to extend his territory and conquer additional territory. They are accompanied by the energies of ancient forces, which are manifested in each Pet that joins them.

What makes Overlord.World stand-out? 

The outstanding graphics quality

Overlord’s visual quality is one of the key aspects that will determine the game’s success. The characters’ appearances are refined, creating a blend of truth and imagination. The game’s world design will also wow players with its attention to detail and realism, as well as its well-processed color palette, which creates a harmonic background and eye-catching fight sequences.

Gaming experience enhanced with Mobile-friendly features

Overlord, which was released with mobile-friendly features, making the game accessible to everyone, enhancing user experience, and interactivity. You don’t need a computer or laptop to play; all you need is a phone and an Internet connection.

Furthermore, the fact that it is a mobile game allows players to play at any time and from any location, whether in the workplace, at the park, on the road, or at home. Users can simply check the progress of each match, devote more time to activities, and enhance their chances of earning more money.

Earning not only from gaming

Users’ income in Overlord does not just come from playing games or selling in-game items. Aside from the token rewards after completing the quests, players may earn even more by Farming or Fighting.

Dual Token Model

Overlord utilizes a Dual Token model to segregate equity and means of exchange. This method will keep the governance token from falling in value while diverting selling pressure to the economy’s currency.

The LORD token will be utilized in online games (Farming and PvE-Fighting). The OVL token will be utilized in the mobile game (PvP mode).

Play-to-Earn Tutorial


When it comes to the intense fight of kings, each Pet is a must-have for every ruler. Each king can have an unlimited number of Pets. To begin the game, you can obtain a Pet by opening a chest or purchasing it directly from the LORD market.

How to Earn

The Overlord system employs two sorts of tokens:

LORD tokens will be utilized in online games (Farming and PvE-Fighting)

OVL tokens will be utilized in the mobile game (PvP mode)

As soon as the king has his PET, he may begin his rule. There will be intense and spectacular clashes with other players. Diverse game modes cater to a wide range of consumers, including Solo mode allowing you to play alone, Survival mode allowing you to strive to survive, and Deathmatch allowing you to battle straight. 

There will be intense and spectacular clashes with other players.  Players will not only have to defeat opponents, but they will also have to complete tasks in order to get rewards in the form of OVL Token. Furthermore, players may earn additional LORD tokens by farming and fighting.

When completing a quest or challenge, players will gain experience, LORD tokens, OVL tokens, and a variety of other things. On the LORD market, LORD tokens, OVL tokens, and PETs can be traded.

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