Optimal Timing for Selling Binance Launchpool Projects: Insights from an Analyst’s Research

New Analysis: Optimal Selling Time for Binance Launchpool Projects

In a recent analysis conducted by Onchain analyst killthewolf.eth, it has been revealed that the best time to sell coins issued by Binance Launchpool is approximately 9 days and 11 hours after the market opens.

This conclusion stems from an examination of the BNB trading pair trends of the last 10 Binance Launchpool projects within a 14-day period following their launch.


The study, led by onchain analyst killthewolf.eth, involved the calculation of the BNB pairs of the last 10 Launchpool projects within 14 days of their launch. Choosing BNB pairs over USDT pairs was a deliberate decision to minimize potential external market influences, ensuring clearer results.

Key Findings

  • The “average return trend” of these 10 tokens was determined and represented by a thick black line on the chart.
  • The highest point of this black line, signifying the “average optimum selling point,” was identified to occur at 9 days and 11 hours after the opening.
  • At this juncture, the average return potential could reach as high as 8.7%.


It’s crucial to acknowledge that this analysis is based on historical data, and future projects may exhibit different performance trajectories. Therefore, investors are strongly advised to conduct thorough research and consider multiple factors before making any investment decisions.

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