OpenSea Supports Social and Gaming Chain Arbitrum Nova

The Arbitrum ecosystem is getting a boost from the OpenSea NFT marketplace, which is supporting social and gaming chain Arbitrum Nova and joining its DAC.

OpenSea Joins Arbitrum Nova DAC

The booming Arbitrum ecosystem has gotten another boost, as top Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace OpenSea announced it now supports the specialized social and gaming chain Arbitrum Nova.

OpenSea is also further supporting Arbitrum Nova by joining the Ethereum scaling project’s Data Availability Committee (DAC). Arbitrum Nova, an AnyTrust blockchain, differs from sister blockchain Arbitrum One, an Optimisic rollup, in that transaction data is posted to DAC rather than on-chain.

According to L2BEAT, the Total Value Locked on Arbitrum Nova has steadily increased since its launch last year.

‍What is OpenSea:

OpenSea describes itself as the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs. The marketplace offers some of the most exclusive collections in the NFT space. Users can buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items through OpenSea.

Where to find OpenSea:

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