OpenOcean, $OOE, Yield Farming Kicks Off Offering Immense Returns on Beefy Finance

OE’s limited farming event hits Beefy Finance, offering some of the highest APYs on Beefy.

OOE on Beefy Finance 

OpenOcean’s $OOE token is now available for farming on Beefy Finance. The two protocols have united for an impressive offering to their token users. Beefy Finance sent out a Tweet breaking the news on July 13th.
The yields for OOE on the Binance Smart Chain are massive, as shown from the image below courtesy of Beefy Finance.


Both vaults are auto compounding and offer huge Annual Percentage Yields (APY). The two pools now available for farming OOE are OOE-BNB LP and OOE-BUSD LP.

The liquidity pools will be hosted on PancakeSwap which is familiar territory for all BSC users.  The latest news also follows the recent OOE airdrop and OOE’s KuCoin listing

Mining and Governance Benefits

If looking to mine OOE, one should consider starting sooner than later. Both OOE pools (OOE-BUSD LP and OOE-BNB LP) have a set duration of just 14 days. During the two week period, OOE looks to distribute 1,000,000 OOE tokens as the total reward allocation per pool. This means over the next few days, 2 million total OOE will be distributed to interested yield farmers

Open Ocean hopes the new benefits will lead to cheaper trading fees for users. Participants in the new mining program will also receive governance opportunities to OpenOcean. With governance, users can help vote on proposals and shape the future of the protocol. 

Liquidity mining for OOE began on July 12th, at 1 pm UTC, so interested yield farmers better get to it sooner than later! 


What is OpenOcean?

OpenOcean is a DEX aggregator project on Binance Smart Chain that looks to act as a bridge between Decentralized Finance and Centralized Finance. It aims to provide investors with the best trading, lending, and borrowing options.

The platform hopes to connect both finance worlds and offers users and investors a huge list of features. These features include but are not limited to derivatives, insurance, cross-chain support, and much more. 

The platform boasts the lowest slippage rates and competitively fights for the best token and coin prices. In the six months since its launch, OpenOcean has seen $800 million in aggregate volume on its platform. Now OpenOcean has introduced $OOE which will offer governance and has the community eagerly awaiting products and features from OpenOcean that will be utilized with the OOE token.

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