opBNB on BNB Chain Layer 2: Is GameFi’s Future Heading Here?

The Appeal of opBNB in the GameFi Landscape

The combination of high transaction capacity and low fees positions opBNB as the natural choice for high-frequency sectors, particularly in the realm of Web3 gaming.

opBNB’s transactions per second (TPS) have surged to an impressive 39.09, surpassing the rates of most Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Notably, the average gas price remained as low as 0.035 gwei in the last 24 hours.

opBNB’s Impact on BNB Chain’s Layer-2 Scaling

Since its launch in September, BNB Chain’s layer-2 (L2) scaling solution, opBNB, has successfully pushed the boundaries of the parent chain. In a landscape dominated by numerous Ethereum L2s, opBNB has managed to carve out its own space.

Exploring on-chain Indicators

November witnessed significant spikes in user activity on opBNB. Daily active addresses peaked at 277,662 on November 12th, according to on-chain data from opBNBScan. Following a temporary decline, user activity trended upwards again, reaching 116,988 users on November 22nd, marking a 70% increase from the previous day.

The surge in user activity led to a notable increase in daily transactions. On November 22nd, over 3 million transactions were recorded, a 73% surge from the previous day’s count of 1.91 million.

Transactions and Fees

On the same day when total transactions peaked, the TPS reached an impressive 39.09. Comparing this with Ethereum L2s on the same day using L2Beat data revealed opBNB’s TPS to be significantly higher.

Despite the increased on-chain traffic, users enjoyed cost-effective transactions, with the average gas price on November 22nd recorded at a low 0.035 gwei.

opBNB: An Ideal Hub for Blockchain Gaming?

The combination of high transaction capacity and attractively low fees positions opBNB as a preferred choice for high-frequency sectors, particularly in the burgeoning realm of Web3 gaming.

In a recent blog post, BNB Chain emphasized opBNB’s advantages that could propel the growth of GameFi. Notably, it highlighted the superior player’s wallet experience on opBNB, giving it an edge over traditional options like MetaMask. BNB Chain also underscored that, through the use of account abstraction technology, gaming experiences on opBNB were comparable to Web2.

Meanwhile, BNB, the ecosystem’s native token, faced challenges, with a recent dip following the exit of Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao (CZ). Although BNB recovered lost ground in the last 24 hours, it still traded 7.16% lower than the previous week as of the latest update, according to CoinMarketCap.

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