OpBNB Developers on BNB Chain Unveil Ambitious Roadmap to Double Speed and Enhance Performance

The Roadmap for Enhanced Performance

The roadmap paves the way for heightened performance for the layer-2 blockchain developed by BNB Chain.

OpBNB’s Transaction Milestone

The roadmap for opBNB paves the way for heightened performance for the layer-2 blockchain developed by BNB Chain. OpBNB’s transaction count crossed the 20 million mark last week.

Transaction Speed and Network Fee Goals

BNB Chain developers are looking to more than double the transaction speed and slash network fees by 90% as part of a new technical roadmap for layer-2 network opBNB, a representative shared with CoinDesk over email.

  • The increase will take processing to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) from around 4,000.
  • Network fees will be cut to $0.0005 within six months, with the first fee cut scheduled for Dec. 4, reducing it to $0.001 from $0.005.

Optimism’s OP Stack and Network Speed

The network is based on Optimism’s OP Stack. The targeted speed would place opBNB among the fastest layer-2 networks, with popular offshoot Arbitrum capable of a claimed 40,000 TPS.

Understanding Layer 2 Networks

A layer 2 network is an off-chain system built on top of a base, or layer-1, blockchain. The OP Stack is the set of software that powers Optimism, an Ethereum layer-2 blockchain, that developers can use to create their own networks.

User Growth and Transaction Records

The number of users on opBNB has climbed steadily since its September release. Transactions reached a record 5.4 million last week, taking lifetime transactions to over 20 million. It has recorded a peak of 645 minting transactions per second.

Gas Limit Expansion for Improved Processing

The developers say they expect opBNB’s gas limit per block to double to 200 million per second. The gas limit is the maximum price a user is willing to pay when sending a transaction. Higher limits can help speed up transactional processing during times of high demand.

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