Ookeenga Launches Genesis Cocoon Community Sale

The PlayAndEarn project will have its genesis cocoon offering on April 21.

Genesis Cocoon Sale

Ookeenga, a Tower Defense GameFi protocol on the BNB chain, is set to launch its Genesis Cocoon Community Sale this month.

The team took to Twitter on April 14 to announce the date of their sale to the Ookeenga community. The team has decided on April 21 as the date where they will sell 1500 pieces of  their Genesis Cocoons. 

“INCOMING: Genesis Cocoon Community Sale. Community is always our number one priority. We’re excited to announce an EXCLUSIVE event for our mighty OKG community,” said the tower defense gaming protocol. 


The team plans to sell tickets that will allow users to claim their cocoons at a later date. Each cocoon is sold for $50 $USDT and a total of 1500 cocoons will be sold at a first come first serve basis. NFT minting and distribution is targeted during the first week of May, while trading of the NFTs will be launched around the middle of the same month. 

There will be a total supply of 30,000 genesis cocoons, which will be sold in batches by the team. Each Genesis cocoon will give birth to a genesis hero and will not be obtainable anywhere else in the game. Genesis hero can be bred nine times, has a 5% increase in all base stats, and has an increased hero enchantment success rates. 

Check out Ookeenga’s Medium post for more details about the Genesis Cocoon Sale.

What is Ookeenga

Ookeenga is a 3D real-time card collection tower defense GameFi project built on the BNB chain. Developed by Cros Game Studio, a gaming studio that has partnered with big brands like Nintendo and Steam since 2014, Ookeenga is a tower defense game that resembles Clash Royale’s game mechanics more than that of the Warcraft TD games. 

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