Ookeenga Grows Tribe as Project Launches on BNB Chain Mainnet

The launch of PlayAndEarn GameFi project Ookeenga on BNB Chain mainnet is being celebrated with a torunament and daily challenge.

New BNB Chain game Ookeenga

Ookeenga, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on BNB Chain, has officially launched the project on the mainnet after months of beta testing.

The announcement was made through a tweet on Oct. 20. The launch was accompanied with a tournament announcement and a daily challenge scheduled for Oct. 22 through Nov. 5. Through the beta tests, the team was able to gather feedback to improve the game and get it ready for launch according to their roadmap.

“This is a special milestone for us. Ookeenga is the first product of Cros. It has been cherished for many months and is officially launched,” Tao Tuan Linh, CEO of Cros Game Studio, creators of Ookeenga, told BSC News. “Team OKG always works hard to bring the best products to the community. At the same time, we are very grateful to the incubator, Spores Network, for accompanying and helping us along the way”

Rewards await those who login to the game for consecutive days. In-game rewards such as Healing potions, Box Wildcards, and Sweep tickets are up for grabs after hitting certain login milestones. Three lucky chieftains will also get a cocoon warrior if they complete the 15-day login.

Awards for the top player in the tournament include Cocoon Overseer, Sweep Tickets, and Wildcard Epics. Players need to progress through the PvE game mode with the highest stars accumulated in order to rank for the tournament. Ookeenga will award the top 10 finishers with prizes.

“We look forward to the end of this year, PvP in the Web3 version will be launched [then the] Mobile Version so everyone can enjoy OKG. Land and Weapons features will be launched in 2023,” the CEO said. “We wanted to build OKG as a brand with an ecosystem of games around those franchises, [not just] a short-term project but a game ecosystem with the OKG brand. It will help players truly become digital asset owners.”

Source : bsc.news

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