Ontology and HyperJump Launch Liquidity Incentive Partnership

Ontology and HyperJump recently launched a liquidity incentive partnership program for users of both platforms with a reward pool of $190 000 in platform tokens.

Ontology and HyperJump Liquidity Incentive Partnership

In a Medium blog by Onto Wallet, the community has been offered lucrative farming and staking pools in partnership with HyperJump. The event offers $130 000 $Alloy worth and $60 000 $ONT to users for the program. There will be a reward of up to 500 $ONG for users who will use HyperJump on Onto Wallet as an extra incentive. 

Ontology and HyperJump partnership

Earn $ALLOY — $ALLOY-$ONT & $ONT-BNB Liquidity Pools

HyperJump has set up two separate LP pairs for the program: $ALLOY-$ONT and $ONT-$BNB. Users can supply any amou0nt of liquidity in either pool to start earning $ALLOY rewards immediately.

HyperJump’s $ALLOY-$ONT farm is intended to run indefinitely, whereas its  $ONT-$BNB farm will run for six weeks.

High reward program for users who start early up to day 4;

Day 1–2: Earn 6X the regular $ALLOY reward

Day 3–4: Earn 3X the standard $ALLOY reward

Day 5 onwards: Users start to earn the regular $ALLOY reward

Stake MECH and Enter Dual Earning of $ONT & $ALLOY

In addition to farming $ALLOY, users also have the unique opportunity of earning $60,000 worth of $ONT tokes and an additional $60,000 value of $ALLOY tokens via HyperJump’s $ONT Pool.

Thanks to HyperJump’s duel rewards feature, users can simply stake MECH in the HyperMECH Workshop to start earning both $ONT and $ALLOY. Stake and earn for six weeks, beginning May 25.

Tip: 1 MECH = 5 $ALLOY. You can readily exchange $ALLOY for MECH on HyperJump exchange and start staking to earn $ONT and $ALLOY rewards.

ONTO Airdrop 

There will be rewards for users who will use the ONTO wallet for the HyperJump liquidity incentive. The team has planned a separate 500 $ONG for the first 300 users who get to participate in either the ONT-BNB or ONT-ALLOY liquidity pools or MECH staking in the first seven days of farming.

There will be more rewards for users if participation is less than 300 total participants. The 500 $ONG will be evenly split between a smaller group increasing the reward pool for each winner. These rewards will be distributed so the more users that sign up will diminish the individuals rewards.


Each ONT ID is counted only once as all ONTO users can participate.

Users who import ONTO multi-token wallets must use their ONT ID digital identity wallet and cannot use a BSC single-chain wallet if they want to have a chance to receive a share of the 500 ONG airdrop.

New to ONTO? Get started with this video tutorial.

About Ontology

Ontology is a high-performance blockchain-based platform specialized in decentralized identity and data. Its unique infrastructure supports full cross-chain cooperation and Layer 2 scalability. They are offering businesses the adaptability to design a blockchain protocol that suits their needs. They integrate various functions that include identity, credit, digital assets, NFTs, financial lending, cross-chain swap, news push, and different practical dApps and supporting multiple mainstream public chains and diversified digital assets.

Ontology – Trust Redefined

Its recent collaboration with HyperJump brings cross-chain capabilities and utilities to a growing wave of users across three chains of BSC, Ontology, and Fantom.

Source : bsc.news

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