One Button Trading – Letting AI Technology Maximize Your Portfolio

The unique ecosystem seeks to mitigate losses and maximize profits, all through the power of intelligent, automated trading bots.

Introducing One Button Trader

While blockchain technology has brought a lot of efficiency to financial transacting, it has not been without its share of hiccups in terms of maximizing productivity. Crypto trading often requires going through a series of steps that lengthen the process far more than anticipated. Not every investor has the amount of free time that traditional crypto trading has previously required. This can lead to losses for investors during bear markets, especially when their tokens have volatile price shifts in a short period of time.

This is one of the main issues that One Button Trader seeks to solve with their initiative, which focuses on automating trading through the creation of bots that follow your prerogative. 

Their other main focus is attacking the low returns that many exchange platforms offer for holding cryptocurrencies. Using an innovative process they dub One Button Trader AI, the team has developed a path to maximize trading and holding efficiency.

What is One Button Trader AI?

One Button Trader AI is what drives the trading bots offered by the platform. It is smart technology that can adapt to market trends and scenarios. Using the AI eliminates the hassle of constantly monitoring all of your assets and making snap decisions based on experience – the bot can do all of this in seconds. The bots are ‘trained’ on historical market patterns in order to recognize market psychology, which they apply to their decision making.

The AI decisions are simple to explain but are in actuality very complex. In simple terms, every 1 and 4 hours, the bots will retrieve market data using an automated scan. They will then analyze this data for each token they control and make the decision to ‘buy’, ‘sell’, or ’hold’ based on that data. This is not like most AI which simply automates a preselected trading strategy – this is actual AI which makes calculated decisions based on the data it has gathered.

Using the bot is far more valuable than simply holding cryptos. The AI will make shrewd trades behind the scenes to minimize losses during downturns, and then take advantage of a bullish trend to pump your asset value even higher. Instead of just holding through bear markets where your portfolio sinks into the red, these trades will actually allow you to profit from these trends – all while still maintaining the cryptos you are holding. The One Button Trader whitepaper explains the intricacies behind how the trading AI operates.

How One Button Trader AI Outperforms the Market

An example of their AI in use can be found in their case study of the Performer bot. A study of the bot versus the market on a Binance exchange using DOT:BUSD noted that the bot was able to outperform the market by over 42% during a period of 99 days. The study occurred during a time where there was a severe bearish trend; Performer was able to determine trade times to minimize losses and stabilize the portfolio it managed. 

Charts indicating the success of the bot against the market

This example demonstrates in particular how complex AI strategies can protect investors during sudden downturns. While an average investor would need to monitor their assets and the market constantly in order to prevent these losses, the bot was able to automate the entire process in an extremely efficient manner.

The Stats to Prove It

One Button Trader keeps accurate stats on all of their bots, including amount of bots made, number of trades completed by that type of bot, as well as their average Return On Investments (ROI). The ROIs per bot have been anywhere from +6.37% to an impressive +21.81% total depending on the model used. Their average monthly performance is +5.58% to +14.70%, which are numbers that require sheer luck or extremely shrewd, constant trading outside of AI technology.

How to Use One Button Trader AI

Using the One Button system is extremely simple. Users simply connect their preferred exchange that One Button Trader accepts and select the AI they wish to use. Then click “Launch AI” – or click ‘one button’. There are no other settings users need to configure – the AIs have already been maximized for efficiency. 

The Bots

Each trading bot is optimized with different training to suit user needs. For example, let’s look at three different AI choices: Performer, Horizon, and Solar. Performer is optimized for highly-volatile markets – an investor willing to take more chances might find this bot to be the most profitable. Horizon is a savvy trader that uses limit orders to place orders at certain levels, making profits while ensuring the trader doesn’t get hit with heavy losses. Solar is the most moderate bot, perhaps best suited for a new trader who wants the most stable results.

There are other choices of AI that offer different intelligences to trading – check out the One Button Trader platform to see all the bots!

$OBT Token

The OBT token is a BEP-20 token that supports the One Button ecosystem. The token finds utility all throughout the ecosystem as many of their features are tied to the token.

$OBT will have its own wallet within the platform where all tokens are stored. $OBT will be used to pay all trading fees on the platform; if a bot runs out of $OBT balance, it will halt trading until the user adds more $OBT. Each bot requires a one-time 1% fee to start trading, based on the initial amount of balance given to the bot. If a user deactivates a bot, there is a one-time 0.5% fee as well.

The trading fees are 0.05% of each trade’s volume, with discounts for users who hold more $OBT. 10% of all of these fees will be burned to ensure deflation. The One Button team will also periodically make burns at their discretion based on achieved milestones or other project goals. Each quarter, 10% of all fees given to the developers will be dispersed among $OBT holders to incentivize holding the token.

In the future, One Button plans to allow community members to create their own bots and submit them for acceptance to the platform. If a bot is accepted, 50% of its trading fees will be awarded to its developer.

Discount Scheme

As this table illustrates, users who hold more $OBT will be entitled to significant trading fee discounts. These discounts are subject to change to reflect changes in the price of $OBT. The top-25 holders of $OBT will also get to participate in project governance decisions by voting on prioritizing roadmap decisions.

Transaction Fees

The fee for transferring a token will be 0.5%. 0.2% of this fee is burned, 0.1% goes to the development team, and 0.2% is distributed among $OBT holders. 

$OBT Tokenomics

Token Ticker: $OBT

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Initial Price: $0.10 USD


Development: 10% (Vesting: 25% at TGE, 2-year vesting)

Marketing: 10% (Vesting: 25% at TGE, 2-year vesting)

Team and Incentives: 20% (Vesting: 2 years with 6-month cliff)

Initial DEX Offering (IDO): 20% (100% release at TGE)

Community and User Incentives: 3% (Vesting: 25% at TGE, 6-month vesting)

Future Investors: 14% (Vesting: 2-year vesting with 1-year cliff)

Reserves: 7% (Vesting: 25% at TGE, 1-year vesting)

Liquidity: 16% (12-month lockup. 10% per month option to remove thereafter)

IDO Details

The IDO will be a public sale with one round. This will be the only way to purchase $OBT outside of secondary market exchanges. 

$OB Sold: 2,000,000

Price: $0.10 USD

Total Public IDO Allocation: $200,000 USD


Product Development: 60%

Marketing: 25%

Reserves: 15%

Concluding Thoughts

One Button Trader offers an intelligent alternative to traditional crypto investing opportunities. Their trained, technologically-sound AI helps to both simplify the trading process and maximize your opportunities for profit. With the launch of their native $OBT token, the ecosystem will be self-contained, efficient, and rewarding for users.

With a simple set-up process of clicking a button to make a bot, it doesn’t take much time to get your own AI working to maximize the potential of your portfolio!

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