OliveCash – Cross-Chain Staking and Farming

The protocol seeks to offer high-quality tokens that are heavily-vetted to ensure their veracity.

Introducing OliveCash

OliveCash offers a range of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools and services on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Avalanche, with a particular focus on staking and cross-chain yield farming. It supports and provides a platform for worthy tokens and ecosystems which fly under the radar of larger exchanges such as PancakeSwap. OliveCash gives these under-appreciated projects an additional outlet to engage with the crypto community, and offers the OliveCash community the opportunity to benefit from, and farm, the hidden gems of crypto. 

OliveCash borrows its philosophy from its namesake, the humble olive. In farming, when olives are picked and mechanically pressed, the farmed oils are known as ‘virgin’, but only the oil from the very best olives are fit for consumption in this state. In the same manner, OliveCash applies this mindset to crypto tokens and yield farming. This is, therefore, the OliveCash assurance of quality, that tokens chosen to grace their yield farms are only of the highest standards.

As OliveCash states, “Our team collects only the best quality fruits to mint our Olive tokens.”

The OliveCash Olive

Key Features

Automated Market Maker (AMM) and token swap

-More than 20 staking pools

-Over 30 yield farms

What is OliveCash?

OliveCash is a cross-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and yield farmer which operates on both Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. The project is also seeking to roll out its services across further chains in the future including Polygon, Fantom and Arbitrum.

OliveCash is led by a group of seasoned industry professionals on a mission to deliver the best DeFi experience possible, with economically sustainable and easily accessible yield farming. Some of the over 30 farms on OliveCash include: OLIVE-BNB (with a 40x Olive token multiplier), OLIVE-BUSD, SPORE-BNB, GAPT-BNB, EGGC-BNB, BLAST-BNB, LAIKA-BNB, LTRBT-BNB, FG-BNB, GMPX-BNB, DISC-BNB, BUBBLEGUM-BNB, TIGZ-BNB, UNFT-BNB, UNSAFEMOON-BNB, GLXC-BNB, SENSI-BNB, WYVERN-BNB and INUNEKO-BNB with its incredibly high APY of 1,180.37%.

Besides the 30+ farms to choose from there are also more than 20 staking pools to consider including auto and manual OLIVE pools. In both pools users can stake the native token of OliveCash – OLIVE. In the manual pool users must harvest and restake their OLIVE to compound the benefits. In the auto pool harvesting and staking is handled automatically so all users need to do is put their OLIVE in the pool and relax.

The project also seeks to foster DeFi adoption by “facilitating the participation of traditional investors to the Crypto Ecosystem”. Some areas that OliveCash have identified as important in this regard are smooth UI/UX as well as fiat and crypto connectivity. The values which OliveCash seek to embody are: Access,  Hard-Working, Value Delivery and Long Term Growth.


Token: Olive token (OLIVE)

Circulating supply: 3,228,259

Market cap: $889,252

BSC contract: 0x617724974218a18769020a70162165a539c07e8a

Twice a month Olive Cash buys back and burns OLIVE. In the first burn of July the following numbers of OLIVE were burned


2,097.71 OLIVE = $618.3


2,154.31 OLIVE = $228.3


In progress:

Listing at Gate.io – request sent and waiting for review.

In development – Olive Vaults, addition of new chains (Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum).

To do list:

July 2021 – Add new chain.

July 2021 – Community demand features: Lottery, Predictions, IFO etc.

August 2021 – NFT marketplace where people can buy and sell NFTs.

In future – Bridge Avalanche <-> BSC for Olive tokens (check community opinion about priority).


Marketing. Compose burning/airdrop milestones.

Marketing. Bounty program for code contributors, volunteers, media influencers.

Concluding Thoughts

OliveCash gives yield farmers a chance to profit from low cap gems on a platform which is easily navigable and simple to operate. Anyone familiar with staking and farming on Binance Smart Chain, especially PancakeSwap, will find the project UI/UX instantly familiar and as comfortable as a pair of well worn shoes. This will allow users to quickly get to grips with OliveCash and the projects which it supports for farming and staking. OliveCash is adding new projects to its already considerable roster all the time proving that this DeFi protocol is far more than the meme token launchpad it might first appear to be. 

Source : bsc.news

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