Okse Wallet Arrives After JulWallet Rebrand

Okse Wallet and Card allows users to make purchases in numerous shops using their crypto assets.

Introducing Okse Wallet and Card

JulWallet is no more after a full rebrand to Okse Wallet.

The Okse Wallet and Debit Card comes to the blockchain space with a Spend-to-Earn feature. The rebranded platform offers users up to 6% cash-back on every purchase with the Okse debit card. 

The wallet is available on Android and IOS, and the Okse virtual debit card allows users to spend their crypto assets on over 60 million merchants worldwide. Most importantly, the card is available in over 170 countries. Okse unveiled its innovation to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space on June 29. 


The Okse card audit was completed on June 10, as announced by the platform through Twitter. The wallet is decentralized with Web3 login to keep users’ funds secure. As of writing, Okse wallet supports up to nine networks, including BNB Chain ($BNB), Ethereum ($ETH), Fantom ($FTM), and Polygon ($MATIC). Users can select their preferred payment networks when using the debit card to make purchases. 

Okse aims to offer users the quickest way to spend their crypto assets globally with the Visa debit card. On top of this, the wallet ensures that users’ funds are safe and used to fund the debit card, bringing decentralization to the financial market. 

Interested users can visit the protocol’s website to download the application.

What is Okse Wallet: 

Okse Wallet is the rebranded version of JulWallet. It is a DeFi system built to revolutionize the financial market. With Okse wallet, users can avoid third parties between them and their funds. 

Through the Okse Card, users can make payments on numerous merchants worldwide with pure decentralization until funds get to the payment provider. The card can be accessed only via the Okse Wallet, where a KYC is needed. 

For more information about Okse Wallet, visit the following media pages: 

Website | Twitter

Source : bsc.news

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