OddZ Finance to Launch New Options Trading and Bonus Features

The new Options V2 will have features that will enable options holders to sell their options faster.

OddZ Teases its Community

OddZ Finance has revealed that it will soon launch a new version of its options trading platform. The latest version will be known as Options V2 and will have various bonus features to improve users’ trading experience. 

OddZ Finance disclosed the new feature in a tweet on October 15th that also came paired with various other bonus features that users can expect.

“As promised, something massive is on its way! Are you ready to experience the ‘MARVELous’ Launch of OddZ? Gear yourself up for Options V2 with Bonus Features.”


OddZ has kept some details of the new features hidden but has revealed just enough to excite the community’s suspense. In a separate tweet, OddZ Finance hinted of a new feature that will enable options holders to sell their options faster:

“Are the option holders exhausted waiting for a counterpart to buy their options? Freeze all your tiredness…We are coming up with a win-win situation for our Investors”, the platform tweeted. 

So What’s New?

According to its follow-up tweet, Options V2 will have an ‘OddZ Secondary Market.’ There are indications in the tweet which suggests that OddZ Finance will play a vital role in the secondary market as it stated:

“Emerging is the ‘Oddz Secondary Market’ with a synergistic delight for its users. The Treat is on Us.”

It seems that OddZ Finance is looking to be a secondary buyer that will be readily available to mop up long-pending options in the market.

Not much detail has been revealed about Options V2, but Oddz Finance confirmed that liquidity providers will be free to design their own strategies for options trading.

“Liquidity providers (Option Writers) can design their own strategies as all highly performing options strategies will be shown upfront along with an ability to move liquidity from one strategies to another,” Oddz wrote on October 21st. 

The Community is King

OddZ Finance sees itself as a platform driven by its community’s interest. Earlier on, users had wished for OddZ’s options to have a 24hr time frame. Perceiving the mood of its community, OddZ Finance has now enabled the ‘One-day expiry options’ on its platform.

From its teasers about Options V2, OddZ Finance is still pushing its narrative as a user-friendly platform. While we wait for the full unveiling of Options V2 and its bonus features, users will hope that OddZ sustains its community-centered vision.


About OddZ Finance

OddZ Finance is a multi-chain trading platform for derivatives. The platform provides a decentralized and straightforward environment for on-chain options trading.

OddZ Finance is on a mission to simplify derivatives trading and has done away with gas fees for its transactions to encourage more user interest in derivatives.

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