Oddz Expands Partnerships, Leveraging the DeFi Community to Promote Success

Multi-chain options trading platform Oddz Finance has announced a new partnership with Unmarshal to bring premium user experience to options trading.


The Oddz Finance team mission is to build products that will revolutionize and deepen DeFi adoption. The team launched Oddz Finance as the world’s first multi-chain options trading platform (spanning BSC, Ethereum and Polkadot). In pursuit of its mission, Oddz Finance partners with other DeFi platforms to enlarge its community. On Monday, May 18, Oddz announced its newest partnership with the Unmarshal Network


Why Collaborate?

In the early days of the decentralized financial market for trading derivatives like futures and options, user-experience was not optimal. Most options trading platforms deployed on the Ethereum network, which began to suffer latency and high gas fees due to network congestion. When the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) became operational, some platforms migrated to BSC to try and solve the problem of high gas fees. While that provided some relief, the lack of interoperability amongst different blockchains still limited options traders from experiencing the full potential of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Oddz Finance joined the DeFi-space intending to be the optimal DeFi options platform that will meet the total needs of users. With features such as fraction trades, accurate in-built data oracle, automated options writers and more, Oddz made cutting-edge innovation available to traders. Users can now create and execute trustless options and futures contracts in a fast, secure, and flexible manner. 

In order to function at its highest capability, Oddz Finance requires a reliable data feed for the seamless options trading of users. Unmarshal is a multi-chain DeFi platform that specializes in providing seamless access to blockchain data. The cooperation will enable Oddz to access Unmarshal’s data querying and indexing feature. With Unmarshal’s data resources, Oddz can provide users with market data analytics that should ultimately make for a better trading experience.

Benefits Of The Partnership

Stakeholders, including the Oddz platform, Unmarshal, and their user-communities will have these benefits: 

1. Oddz Finance

Unmarshal has very useful features such as DeFi Taxing, Historical Prices, Profit & Loss Tracking, fully indexed blockchain data etc. Oddz Finance will capitalise on them and introduce features that will improve the overall trade insight and management of Oddz’ users.

2. Unmarshal

As part of its benefits from the partnership, Unmarshal’s native token, the $MARSH, will be enabled for options trading on the Oddz platform. Additionally, members of the Unmarshal community will enjoy good discounts when they trade options on Oddz. 

The CEOs Speak

Looking forward to the collaboration, the CEO of Oddz Finance, Aishwarya Shivakumar Haroshivanahalli, said:

 “This partnership with Unmarshal will help bring multiple features on Oddz which will help our users manage their trades and show great insights.”

Expressing happiness on the venture, Unmarshal’s CEO Manohar Kolagondanahalli chimed in: 

“I’m confident that Oddz protocol will divulge the true potential of Options trading to the DeFi World.”

Oddz Finance’s Previous Collaborations

Oddz has not left anyone in doubt about its quest to carve a niche for itself in the options trading market. The innovativeness of the platform has mapped out a path to the platform’s success.

To further advance its success and expand its share of the DeFi community, Oddz is on a relentless drive to partner with platforms in other areas of DeFi. Some of the previous collaborations include those with the following platforms, Raze NetworkUniLendPolygonDafi Protocol, and Gourmet Galaxy, to mention just a few. 

About Oddz Finance

Source: Medium

Oddz Finance is the first multi-chain options trading platform built on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot blockchain networks. Oddz harnesses the peculiarities of the three blockchains to create DeFi solutions that will enhance the derivatives market. 

Oddz Finance promises to provide traders with the very best decentralized options trading experience. Apart from taking interoperability to a new level, Oddz continues to enlarge its reach through collaborations with other platforms. 

The platform enables users to create, execute, and settle options, futures and other trades. Every trade is executed trustlessly, securely and flexibly. 

About Unmarshal


Unmarshal is a DeFi data network that specializes in providing decentralized applications with blockchain data they require to function. The network is multi-chain and currently supports dApps running on BSC, Ethereum, Polkadot, as well as Ethereum Layer-2 networks such as Polygon (formerly, Matic).

Source : bsc.news

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