Oddblox Reveals Plans for Physical NFT of Digital Art

Oddblox will give out random physical NFTs to holders of its unique abstract collection on BNB Chain.

Oddblox to Launch Physical NFTs 

Oddblox, a unique Non-fungible Token (NFT) platform on BNB Chain, is bringing something new to the Web3 space. In what the protocol termed “the digital will become physical,” Oddblox is set to launch physical NFTs to holders. 

The protocol, on May 14, teased the innovative idea through a short clip on Twitter. According to the video, the protocol’s NFT collection, which comprises varieties of shapes and colour palettes, will be given out to random Oddblox NFT holders as physical goods. Hence, whenever users mint 100 NFTs on the platform, a random NFT holder will receive one new physical NFT, in the form of a box. 

The protocol’s developer, K D, told BSC News that the idea of launching the innovation was to make Oddblox NFTs available in the homes of holders. The core team member explained that giving out Oddblox NFT as a digital frame to holders is something that the protocol is excited to execute, having ad the plan since the NFTs debuted the space. 

“So we have had the idea for the oddbox pretty much since the start of the project. I think it was mostly an excuse for CB to explore some branding and what not early on and it just stuck. We have tried to do everything in this project the way we would like to see it done and this is no different. We want an Oddblox in our home in the medium of a digital frame so it was a no-brainer to make this available to ‘Oddies’. The packaging and quality align with our standard of quality and we are excited to have them start going out,” K D stated. 


Oddblox NFT is yet to disclose the date of when the new feature will arrive on BNB Chain. The Physical NFT of Oddblox’s digital art will be welcomed with open arms by the NFT community. Additionally, it may spark a new trend of transforming NFTs to physical items on BNB Chain and beyond. 

BSC News goes into further detail regarding the protocol’s collection and how it is randomly generated using Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Check it out HERE. Our team will be following the impact of Oddblox’s latest initiative and bringing you the very latest regarding the project.

What is Oddblox NFT: 

The Oddblox series began from two friends seeing a gap in the NFT market on the BNB Chain and the opportunity to bring generative on-chain art to a new space. Using a variety of shapes and colour palettes, each Oddblox NFT is assembled on mint. The created image is then encoded and stored in the token. When you own the token you truly own the art. This allows the greatest flexibility for future use cases of the Oddblox NFT genesis series. The generated NFTs serve as a digital Rorschach test with the viewer projecting their interpretation of the forms. Each piece is unique and possesses traits, though these traits do not directly determine visual appeal and rarity is entirely random.

Where to find Oddblox:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium |

Source : bsc.news

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