Non-Fungible Token Platforms $BAKE and $DEGO Rally Upwards of 30% Amongst Continued Innovation

Two NFT platform tokens – BakerySwap ($BAKE) and Dego Finance $DEGO – have continued to thrive amidst sustained innovations.

$BAKE and the BakerySwap Platform

BakerySwap has handled the NFT space pretty well, being initially and still an AMM and Dex protocol. The platform has dutifully metamorphosed into the top NFT minting hub on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its huge break is attributed to the now more defined role in the NFT ecosystem, skyrocketing its native token $BAKE.


From a Universe to a Metaverse

Indeed the platform has set its cards right in the field of NFT and digital art creation. Nearly all new NFTs currently minted originate from the BakerySwap lab.  As the platform recently celebrated the minting of the 111,111th NFT via a Tweet release.

BakerySwap the number 1 place to mint and trade NFTs | Source

The platform has been recognized by industry leaders such as Binance, recently noted as the star project of the week alongside two others. Establishing its place as the number NFT trade and minting protocol on the BSC ecosystem.

Its the reason without a doubt star artist like Japanese Yua Mikami has collaborated with Russell Simmons to release the TOKAU NFT Game right on BakerySwap.

TOKAU NFT Game on BakerySwap | Source

Amidst all of these expansions and growing influence in the NFT space, the team also cemented its position as the number one Launchpad by Relative Liquidity Ratio.

BakerySwap becomes the number one launchpad platform by Rel Liq Ratio | Source

In a Tweet by CryptoLaxy, BakerySwap has come out unto all other projects on BSC network in 24hr RLR, surpassing the likes of PancakeSwap, Polkastarter, Super Launcher, etc.
BakerySwap team, in collaboration with CoinmarketCap, has launched an airdrop program for users. Enter the promo giveaway ending in 4 days and win some free $BAKE tokens. 

Regarding its recent partnership with BondlyFinance, the team is also announcing a new staking pool coming soon. In a separate Tweet, the team hint at the start date of today 9:00 UTC

$BAKE Performance

BAKE Token Price Index  | Source

Its innovations and expanding influence have rubbed off quite well on $BAKE, which shows a 7D % of 32% at the time of this report and the price maintaining $4.

$DEGO and the Dego Finance Platform

Dego Finance isthe NFT based platform that adds extra utilities to NFT to give it a more versatile use case outside its mere static digital content right management. The platform has given a hint of its Initial Non-fungible Contract (INO) offer on its platform for Onion Mixer, as earlier covered in this article scheduled to hold in few days.

Dego Onion Mixer INO Whitelist | Source

No little surprises that its native token $DEGO, like its counterpart $BAKE, has been making recent gains, as seen on BSC.News Tools (which, by the way, can be used to check all other tokens on BSC network).

$DEGO Token on 7D chart | Source

Away from the launch of its first financial NFT asset issuance INO (Initial NFC issuance), the platform has been making steady progress. For example DEGO has been spotted as the Top BSC token YTD alongside CAKE And BAKE.

Top 3 BSC Tokens | Source

The team also received a recent smart contract audit from Peckshield Inc, which confirms the Dego Finance codes are not without any vulnerabilities.

The platform token has recently come out again as the number two token on the Polkadot ecosystem in a Tweet by CryptoCrunchApp. As witnessed in its social media feed, the project has got active collaborations with BSC activities and teams and has continued to build on that.

About Dego Finance

DEGO Finance is a multi-chain protocol that combines NFTs and DeFi for expanded NFT utility. DEGO enables users tools to create NFTs with features and attributes easily. 

To learn more about Dego Finance, check out the following pages:

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord 

About BakerySwap

BakerySwap is the first NFT and AMM Dex on the BSC ecosystem. Its strong focus on NFT minting, auction and marketplace have continued to yield for the project strong interest within and outside the Binance Smart Chain network.

To learn more about BakerySwap, check the following pages:

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram 

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