NodeReal Prepares Revolutionary Archive Nodes to BNB Chain

The solution is an essential tool for developers, offering them access to historical data of BNB Chain.

What is the Archive Nodes Solution

NodeReal focuses on empowering developers and investors with its blockchain solutions on BNB Chain. The protocol recently published an explainer to educate users about the Archive nodes solution powered by its MegaNode service. 

The blockchain solutions provider describes the solution as a high-performance Archive service on BNB Chain. While the service is helpful, it is new to beginner blockchain developers. NodeReal, in a bid to reveal the concept to the blockchain space, tweeted about the service on March 7 while publishing the link to its Medium article

“We provide industry-leading BNB Chain historical data accessibility with minimum latency, and more importantly, it’s starting from FREE!” the Medium explains.


NodeReal is the first workable and high-performance Archive node for BNB Chain. Unlike typical nodes that store only the latest data changes, Archive nodes store every historical data of a blockchain right from the genesis block. Basically, they are vital to developers because they would not be limited to querying the recent blocks to interact with smart contracts. Instead, with Archive nodes, they can query any block at any time. 

“When it comes to archive nodes […]they are full nodes running with a special option. It stores all the historical data of the blockchain since the genesis block. It works differently with a typical full node. An archive node always stores all the state change data for each block, while most full nodes only store the latest several states change data,” the Medium added.

NodeReal’s Medium also discussed the importance of Archive Nodes, the challenges faced when utilizing the service, and how to access Archive Node with its innovative MegaNode solution. MegaNode ensures easy access to Web 3.0 network infrastructure and empowers developers to create decentralized applications (dApps). 

NodeReal joined the BNB Chain DeFi League last month in an effort to help accelerate the growth of BNB Chain and signal a commitment to the chain long term.

Read their Medium post for more information about Archive nodes and their application on BNB Chain. You can also subscribe to the protocol’s YouTube Channel to learn more about its offerings. 

What is NodeReal? 

NodeReal is a blockchain infrastructure and services provider launched by Rap Token during the early stage of BNB Chain. The protocol, trusted by numerous customers worldwide, works with a passion for blockchain technology. With a deep understanding of blockchain infrastructure and security, the NodeReal team is focused on supporting the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web 3 ecosystem. 

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