Ninneko – The NFT game which is expected to lead the next generation of GameFi

Ninneko – the hottest NFT game in 2022

Although only being released a few months ago, Ninneko has quickly created a fever in the Vietnamese and foreign gaming community. Especially for those who love Idle RPGs and are interested in NFT.

Ninneko is an enchanting NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain platform which players can earn by nurturing the characters. At the same time, players can also experience the team-building feature to defeat the enemy through PvP/PvE battles and campaigns. Players will be immersed in a mysterious village deep in the forest and have the experience to spend hours diligently raising Ninneko. Ninneko is a Ninja Cat character that is very adorable. And it is also known by another name, Nibyo. 

Ninneko is a pioneer in the NFT game series with a combination of leisurely RPG gameplay and Breeding System. NINO is the game’s governance token. The activities in the game’s ecosystem and the Ninneko breeding fees can all be traded with NINO as a convenient payment method for players. Along with this, the Guild war feature will be released in the near term, which will help Ninneko increasingly appeal to players.

The development team’s vision and mission

Ninneko is developed and managed by a triad: Dang Nguyen (CEO/PM), Ha Nguyen (CTO) and Vincent Vu (UI Designer). They are all experts in their respective fields and share the same passion, enthusiasm and dedication for Ninneko.

Players have always been a crucial factor in the success of Ninneko. With a ferocious development of the blockchain platform, they can now receive crypto as a reward for their efforts towards the gaming community.

The development team set the goal to create an RPG game about the world of cats, providing players with exciting experiences and in-depth gameplay. Furthermore, players will also benefit from their fellow participants and their investors. All towards a shared sustainable future. Ninneko also cooperates with Gamer communities around the world to approach as many users as possible and bring the product to those who want to buy and sell NFT at the same time. 

The undeniable attractions of the game

1. Idle System

One thing that attracts Ninneko players is that they do not need to invest too much effort but still get significant results. The Idle system permits gamers to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Preventing the situation of doing repetitive tasks on a daily basis.

2. Battle Mode

Battles in Ninneko come about automatically and quickly, with no requirements for input. The most interesting part is that players will still be able to show strategic thinking through the way of “disposing troops in battle formation”. The layout of Ninja Cats plays a significant role in Battle, it can even decide the outcome of the battle.

3. Five Class and Six Factions

Based on the combat characteristics, the Ninneko are divided into 5 classes, including Warrior, Mage, Support, Ranger and Assassin.

There are also 6 different factions in the game: Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind, Earth and Yin Yang. 

In particular, the above factions have an incompatible relationship with each other: Thunder counter with Earth, Earth counter with Wind, Wind counter with Water, Water counter with Fire, Fire counter with Thunder. When encountering a Ninneko with an incompatible faction, the player will take 30% more damage during the battle.

4. Ninneko Market

Trades on the Market are very vigorous and the maximum transaction of 1 NFT Ninneko can be up to 10,000 BNB.

MATA Token and NINO Token

Players can utilize MATA in the game to breed new Ninneko or purchase multiple items. You can also earn money by playing games, especially through PvP battles. When used, MATA will be burned. This burning means takes place partly to compensate for the inflation in the game to help the token price to be more stable. 

Ninneko Token (NINO) is the governance token and will be used in a lot of features in the next phase of the game. Nino is also used in breeding – key activities of the Ninneko ecosystem.

Users who own NINO can propose and vote on suggestions about features and statistics of the game. Ninneko is more unique than other NFT game series in its possibility to preserve ownership of in-game assets. In addition, players are permitted to vote on modifications in the game. It is reported that users who own NINO when joining in proposals and voting are entitled to receive rewards as NINO governance tokens. As a result, you both enjoy the game and receive the benefits.

General views about Ninneko

With the professionalism and enthusiasm of the developer team along with enchanted and easy to get-used-to gameplay, attractive “play to earn” mechanic and an upcoming series of new features – typically Guild War with many new features from the Guildwar update such as Guild war, Summon, Boss Guild, Reborn,…. Besides the update, the series of upcoming events this month include Arena Season 2, Referral Event, Revenue Sharing are expected to bring more attractive opportunities to the Ninneko investors.

Ninneko is expected to be one of the market-leading Gamefi projects in the near future. In addition, currently Ninneko is also connected with many large Gaming Guilds around the world. Most recently, AFKDAO and Playnity, two Gaming Guild projects, have been announced as strategic partners of Ninneko.

More information about Ninneko:

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Ninneko Token (NINO): 0x6CAD12b3618a3C7ef1FEb6C91FdC3251f58c2a90
MATA Token (MATA): 0x175fAcDD947C995ad547F6AD952D26826758A4dA.


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