Ninneko Reveals Big Update on Guild War Features

The GameFi project has a lot in store for its community as the new features begin to roll out.

GameFi Situation

A fast-paced and more emotional atmosphere is the status of the gaming world right now, and blockchain technology has transformed it. Traditional gaming is gradually yielding to Internet gaming, which is currently worth $50 billion. 

Gaming in the past and gaming now have their differences. For the traditional game style, the losers are forced to keep trying to become even better, the winners get a sense of accomplishment. The common goal of both losers and winners is to acquire the next highest score or level up as soon as possible. There are cases when in-app purchases or additional features must be paid for to access. However, the dynamic has changed thanks to the release of blockchain games like Ninneko.

Play and Earn

Nowadays, gaming is considered a form of entertainment, not something that most people would look at as a potential investment. For the old style of gaming, players made the game companies and owners wealthy. Blockchain gaming has shown people that playing games also has the ability to help players benefit from winning. A new gaming model has progressed due to the advent of blockchain technology, namely the “play to earn” paradigm. 

Play-to-earn games are the main effort of Game-Fi, which is the gaming equivalent of DeFi in the financial world. It is possible for players to gain money just by engaging in these types of “play-to-earn” games.

The “play to earn” game Ninneko has revealed an update event, with the project predicting a price explosion. Ninneko has now officially revealed the timeline for this big Guild war update. The publisher announced that the game will have two updates within only a few days. Furthermore, they also said that this April will bring a slew of new updates in the game. 

What is Ninneko?

Ninneko is an enchanting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) role-playing game on BNB Chain. Players can earn by nurturing Ninneko – adorable Ninja Cats – in a mysterious village deep in the jungle and building a squad to defeat the enemy through PvP/PvE battles.

With the motto of bringing the best experience to players, the Ninneko team takes pride in the meticulous care put into their products. In this update, Ninneko will add new features including Guild Boss, Guild Skills and Guild War according to the announced schedule. Accordingly, the first update on April 25 will launch the Guild Boss and Guild Skill features. As for Guild War, it will be released in the upcoming update.

Specifically, the Guild Boss feature will allow players to be involved in boss battles for six days. Players in the Guild will have a day to prepare for the fight since the host Guild opens the boss. After each boss battle, gamers can gain a Guild Coin reward depending on their boss fighting ability. The Guild Coin can be used in the Guild Shop to spin the wheel of fortune or taken advantage of in the Summon feature to receive super valuable rewards such as NFT cats, equipment, upgrade materials, MATA, and spin coins. In addition, the Guild War feature will be optimized for PvP activities as well as guild activities for players.

Growth Cycle

Only a few days after spoiling the information, the Ninneko community has raised a tumult and extensively discussed the possibility of growth after this update is released. Across platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Discord,  and Twitter, the Ninneko community has shared articles related to the event. 

Ninneko predicts that the MATA coin will be able to double on the first day of the update and may triple in the seven days after that. With the prospect of this update, many gamers have been anxiously looking forward to the explosion and ready to experience new features.

In addition to the first big update of Guild war, on April 25, Ninneko will also launch a new special feature that they promise will be a big step forward for this game.

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