Ninneko Recounts Milestones on the First Anniversary

Looking at Ninneko’s series of amazing achievements on 1st birthday, “A good game will always remain a legend”.

Ninneko officially celebrated its first birthday on January 25, 2023, with a series of great achievements and opened the most fierce arena – “Arena season 11”

From the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022, the Blockchain market ushered in a peak era for GameFi products. The appearance of tens of thousands of GameFi products at that time, most of which collapsed right after the bear markets since the second half of 2022, like nature purifies the best quality products to survive. Ninneko brought that ray of light when more than 14,000 users around the world joyfully celebrated the project’s 1st birthday on January 25.

Referring to Ninneko, perhaps this is no longer a strange name in the Gamefi market. Ninneko is an enchanting NFT role-playing game on BNB Chain in which players can earn by nurturing Ninneko, building lineups to defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles and campaigns.

Each Ninneko is a unique NFT creature made up of a rare combination of hair, ears, tail, eyes, hands, and mouth. Those attributes are determined by their genetic code.

During the past one year, Ninneko has not only become one of the most prestigious and top-quality playgrounds but also achieved countless milestones such as:

  • Collaboration with 40+ Guild Games communities around the world
  • Total trading volume reaches $20M
  • Token Holders reach 13,344
  • Total number of players reached 484,815 worldwide: Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam…
  • NFT reaches nearly 100k
  • Telegram groups reached nearly 40k members, Twitter reached 90.2k followers
  • Top 3 Apple Store Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil
  • Top game categories of BNB Chain and many other charts

Not stopping there, Ninneko is a rare game that owns a dedicated and thoughtful development team. It is clearly demonstrated in the way the contributions and feedback of players from Telegram, Discord, Fanpage, etc. have all led to improvements with updated versions to suit the needs, helping to “balance” the experience in the game and attract players.

The most obvious thing to mention is the “Super Big Update” opened on December 15 with features to break the very common “Inflation” concept, which is the main cause of the collapse of large GameFi projects in the market. Immediately, the price of Ninneko’s $NINO Token increased x2 times in value.

Ninneko becomes the most Favorite Games of the GameFi.Org

Arena season 11

To blow up the exciting atmosphere on the occasion of the 1st birthday, Ninneko held the most attractive tournament ever – “Arena season 11”- with exciting rewards.

As you know, “Arena” is one of the most attractive and successful tournaments that Ninneko has organized. Until the next update, the Ninneko development team has continued to write the super fascinating story of the “Arena” tournament by organizing the 11th season.

With extremely simple rules, just log in to the game and participate in the fierce, competitive, and challenging Arena. To be able to easily pocket valuable rewards, players need to quickly equip an NFT cat squad with strong genes, Gems with appropriate stats (Purchased at Market Place), in addition to increasing NFT’s Max Level, collect terrible items, upgrade Guild skills and especially need a reasonable Attack – Defense formation strategy.

See the list of attractive rewards now:

Who do you think will win Top 1 this season? Which Neko will be the most powerful in this Meta?

Mr. Dang Nguyen (CEO/PM Ninneko) shared about Ninneko’s next development:

“The team has planned to deploy important updates until the end of 2023, which will be updates that sublimate the experienced players, attract more new users and have a positive impact on the price of Tokens and increase gifts with organized events”.

For more information about Ninneko, visit the following links:

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