Ninneko Launches Guild Wars Part 2

The update brings new cat genes to spice up combat as well as updates to gameplay.

Guild Wars Part 2

With a successful start for Part 1 of its Guild Wars update in April, GameFi publisher Ninneko announced the release of Part 2 with the launch of new cat genes. This event promised huge changes to the Nino Token and MATA, even more so than Part 1 according to the team.

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On the road to bringing the best experience to players, Ninneko strives to have a creative, professional, and innovative team. Not to disappoint the community, on May 25th, Ninneko officially released the Guild Wars Part 2 update on schedule.

Guild Wars

Ninneko has officially announced the features that will appear in this event. Guild Wars will take place once a week. Accordingly, the guilds arranged by the system according to the battle strength will confront each other to win the strongest guild. This depends a lot on the intelligence of the captain, how to get the most optimal strategy to bring efficiency to the match. From there to be able to win and receive valuable rewards.

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In addition to the Coin reward for all members of the Guild that own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the winning Guild also brings income to all participating members. Each star member participating in Guild Wars wins when attacking another opponent (maximum 3 stars) will also receive Guild Coins. In particular, the competition event to acquire the top position will be held with equally attractive prizes.

New Cat Genes

Apart from the Part 2 update, Ninneko also released new cat genes with many different special skills. The new genes Ninneko released this time include Chemistry of the Mage class, Barbarian of the Warrior class, Pencil of the Support class, Swordfish of the Assassin class and Fire Arrow of the Ranger class. Each gene brings its own damage and skill, such as the Fire Arrow gene that will continuously spam skills, stacking crits and damage to knock opponents down in one go, or the Barbarian gene heals for 100% of the backline team’s ATK.

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The Ninneko team also said that these new cat genes will create a new meta for gameplay that requires players to update their lineup. Ninneko will also reopen the Reborn feature with a higher fee compared to the previous rendition. When using Reborn, gamers will have a chance of getting a gene from the list of 5 new gene cats.

With these significant changing events, Ninneko is gradually recovering as it shows positive indicators. The event has restarted the buzz for the game and increased its community size.

About Ninneko

Ninneko is a Play-to-Earn GameFi project featuring NFT characters in forests and mysterious villages. The NFT characters (cats) have a unique combination of hair, tail, ears, eyes, mouth, and hands. The BNB Chain-based role-playing game involves nurturing the cat characters, known as Ninneko, and fighting enemies in the PvP or PvE battles. The platform also features a high-utility token for using various features in the game. Ninneko seeks to stand out from other idle games with its breeding system, where players can enjoy the game using diverse characters.

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