Nibblers Pokes Fun at Cultural Trends and Pop Culture

The tongue-in-cheek Nibblers NFT Collection is the flagship project from Refectory Studios.

What is a Nibbler?

Anyone who’s ever laughed at a youth wearing myriad clashing fashion trends in a vain bid to fit in has searched for a term for them. Now the word they’ve been searching for to describe them is here: Nibbler!

Nibblers sprung from the minds of the Refectory Studios team, and from the stylus pen of resident artist Dodo. Nibblers are lost youths, constantly jumping from trend to trend in their quest to fit in, which is reflected in the NFT collection with humorous takes on popular brands, trends, and possibly a few famous figures.  

“There are traits lurking in the collection inspired by current well known cultural icons,” said artist Dodo in the Nibblers Full Project Docs. “If the mint gods decide it to be, there may well be a few artworks minted that remind you of some well-known real-life Nibblers.”

The Team

A refreshing aspect of the Nibblers project is the Refectory Studios team: a close-knit group of four long-time friends from the UK, handily with complementary skill sets. That close-knit nature has led to a shared sense of humour which is a huge part of the Nibblers project. It comes across hearing the four of them talk in an AMA, or from a read of their Full Projects Docs – a surprisingly full and informative document for an NFT project, more akin to a token whitepaper.

The team was also determined that the project be accessible to the average investor.

“The ridiculously high gas fees [of Ethereum] make it unusable for people without very deep pockets and that’s really not what we’re about,” says Business and Community Lead Burchett in Nibblers’ Full Project Docs. “We’re a start-up, and want to give some smaller time buyers the chance to take this journey with us.”

This formed part of the reason for launching on BNB Chain, along with a deep-rooted connection to the chain from the team, and a particular love of the strong community present across BNB Chain NFT projects. That is something the team are keen to add to, and have plans to expand their tutorial content to help highlight the great work taking place across the BNB Chain NFT space, and help new crypto users navigate the space safely.

Holder Benefits

Refectory Studios have taken an interesting approach to NFT utility, effectively reverse engineering the usual approach of adding utility to an NFT project, by using the NFT Collection as a means to get all their future project ideas off the ground, and return the benefit to holders: an idea more comparable to owning shares of a company, although with benefits going far beyond dividends, and offering something from every future step the studio takes, ‘whether that’s a share of revenue, whitelisting for a token launch, first dibs on real world physical items, or whatever else.’ as their docs state.

In the pipeline are an exciting Nibblers game project, real world merchandise, a tokenized website, staking pools with profits regularly distributed to NFT holders, a cartoon/animated series, limited edition NFTs, the list goes on. Refectory Studios certainly aren’t short on ideas or ambition, and the way to take the journey with them from the start is to mint a Nibbler.

Fancy a taste? Nibblers are minting now on the Nibblers website and are holding an AMA on their Twitter page May 8th at 19.00 UTC.

Find out more about Nibblers – WebsiteTwitterTelegramInstagramRareboardtofuNFT

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