NFTs Infiltrate Wall St as Jonathan Rosen and Treum Gear up for Massive NFT Release

The Upcoming NFT project is advertising on Times Square.

NFTs Hit Wall & Oxford Streets’

Artist Jonathan Rosen has struck a deal with Treum, the company which brought the NFT project EulerBeats to fruition, to release a set of four NFTs. These will first be exhibited on a 36-screen digital facade on Oxford Street in London and currently displayed on Nasdaq’s seven-story tower in Times Square, New York.

The artist who has previously exhibited around the globe in locations such as Sydney, Taipei, Paris, and Hong Kong will release the four pieces titled I WANT, BIG, DROP, and FAMOUS, exploring concepts centering around desire and notoriety. The project will also facilitate an NFT minting lottery.

A fifth NFT created by the artist will be used to raise money for both Nasdaq’s Purpose Initiative, which seeks to build a more inclusive and diverse economy, and Broadway Cares, an AIDS charity.

NFTs Enable Artistry

This recent collaboration between Treum and Jonathan Rosen has enabled the artist to explore new levels of expression as he explains:

“I’ve always embraced digital technologies in my work, the NFT space allows me to push deeper into our digital experience.” Before, Rosen mentioned, “[his] career has been dedicated to the examination of human possibility and desire through language. This project extends beyond my individual practice and invites mass participation – and reflection – unlike anything I’ve done before.”

Artist Jonathan Rosen

As part of the minting process, the winning recipients 1000+ will receive 1-of-1 phrase pieces. In addition, winners will be handed an opportunity to have their face, name, and their crypto wallet address displayed on the Nasdaq tower, next to their newly minted NFT. It’s the sort of added value concept that will make the more privacy-conscious collector a little squeamish, but the more gallus will love it.

Tyler Mulvihill, CEO of Treum felt that his company and Rosen make the perfect fit.

“The generative aspect of the project felt like a natural fit for the Treum platform,” said Mulvihill.

He continued on, mentioning that “[Treum] found Jonathan Rosen’s authentic approach to the NFT ecosystem a perfect match for us… In essence, what Jonathan is doing is tokenizing desires in the form of NFTS, like “I WANT FAME,” and unlocking a marketplace for them to be traded and priced. This experiment was fascinating to us and we had to help Jonathan realize his vision.“

The bidding for these limited edition NFTs begins on June 15th at 1 pm EST. Bidding will be open for 24 hours on the OpenSea market. Winners will be announced on June 16th.

The Significance of NFTs in Public

The NFT exhibition led by Treum and the work of Jonathan Rosen is a high-concept project which demonstrates the versatility of this emerging sector. NFTs are enabling a cross-pollination between the world’s most creative technology experts and the world’s most creative artists. Together, the possibilities for the NFT market are manifold.

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