NFTs Go Wild at Three Day Conference with CoinGecko

Features events and speakers highlight a comprehensive three day festival which proves the draw of CoinGecko.

NFTs Go Wild at GeckoCon

For three days, over 180 industry leaders descended on the GECKOCON – NFTS GONE WILD metaverse for a whirlwind adventure through everything related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The event crashed through the tail end of the week from Nov. 17th—19th and included live sessions, workshops, hangout lounges, and more. 

Fans were teased for months with NFTs in airdrops and other teasers to lead up to the big event. The event featured so many top names—CEOs, Co-Founders, Artists, and more—it would be remiss to list just a few. The whole event expressed a grand appreciation for the value of NFTs and showed the massive potential for the booming technology. 

“On behalf of the CoinGecko team, we truly appreciate the support of this event over the past three days. We also want to thank our media partners and sponsors for believing in our crazy idea to make CoinGeckoCon happen,” said Bobby On, Co-Founder, and COO of CoinGecko, in the closing session.

With over 50 sessions, $100,000 worth of prizes, and non-stop events for three days, the event was undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive events ever concocted about NFTs yet. It is hard not to view the event as a rousing success with all the prizes and so much hoopla. The ability of CoinGecko to draw such huge names and attract so much attention is a testament to their role in the space and the respect the platform has.

GeckoCon Highlights

Each day was filled with several keynote speakers and multi-language sessions. There was so much for users to choose from and much still to digest.


Daily Highlights, as curated by your writer:

Day 1 

General themes of ownership and value, legal issues, and future of NFTs

Featured Session: NFT Valuation- How to Value NFTs

Mitchell Moos – CEO at Crypto Briefing

Skirmantas Januskas – CEO at DappRadar

Alex Svanevik – CEO at Nansen

Kyle Samani – Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

Day 2

Themes of games, music, and collectibles; taking play-to-earn to the next level

Featured Session: Giving Trading Cards a Digital Upgrade

Andy Boyan – Creative Media Lead at Chainlink Labs

Christopher Clay – Game Director of Gods Unchained at Immutable

Anush Vijayaraghavan – Product Manager at Chainlink Labs

Day 3 

Themes: Sports and Art; Opening the NFT world to those with talents to earn

Featured Session:  NFTs and the World of Sports 

Dheeraj Shah – Content Creator at Desi Crypto Show (moderator)

Max Rabinovitch- Chief Strategy Officer at Chiliz

Matt Solomon- REVV Motorsport Brand Lead at Animoca Brands

Brian O’Hagan – Growth Lead at Sorare

The inaugural GeckoCon – NFTs Gone Wild brought together essential figures and voices of the NFT space, and all sure hope the next event can be as successful as the first. At a minimum, the prize winners, to be announced soon, have much to look forward to. Users who joined the event were privy to continue watching the sessions once they were completed. 

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