NFTOASTER to Launch the First NFT Presale Platform

The innovative platform is an exciting opportunity for members of the NFT community.

NFTOASTER Preps For Launch

Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) are great for creators and collectors, but collectibles are just the tip of the iceberg for how NFTs are going to disrupt the world we live in. In the next few weeks we’re going to introduce new and innovative ways to use NFTs, starting with one of the most interesting use cases we have developed.

Today we’re launching the NFT coin presale platform based on BSC. We’re calling it Initial NFT Offering (INO).

How Do INOs Work?

If you are going to launch a new coin (based on BSC) and you want to do a presale (private or public), you can go to the NFTOASTER launchpad and launch your presale with us.

Step 1: Create different NFT Vouchers, for example:

NFT Voucher for 1M tokens | Price = 0.1BNB | Copies = 100

NFT Voucher for 5M tokens | Price = 0.4 BNB | Copies = 50

NFT Voucher for 10M Tokens | Price = 0.75BNB | Copies: 25

Step 2: Choose for how long you want to lock these coins:

At the end of the locking period, people who purchased vouchers swap the NFTs for your token.

Step 3: Launch your presale!

Your users then come to and buy your NFT vouchers. If the voucher is locked for a longer period of time, In near future owners can re-sell their vouchers on to the open market.

Step 4: When the locking period is over and the voucher is ready to swap:

Investors simply swap their NFT vouchers to get their token. 

What is Unique About INOs?

You don’t need to have your coin finished to do your INO. Your INO will allow you to raise money so you can do a bigger launch (More BNBs for LP and a bigger budget for marketing.)

You can do multiple types of INO presales: For example, you could do one private presale (password protected) with vouchers locked for 6 months, one public presale with vouchers locked for 3 months, and final public presale just a few days before your launch on PancakeSwap (you can choose to set different prices for each presale).

You can still do an IFO: If you want to do an IFO on PancakeSwap, one of the conditions is that nobody can have your token. If you do an INO presale on NFTOASTER and lock the vouchers, no one will own your token yet so you can still do an IFO on PancakeSwap.

What is the First INO?

For the world’s first INO we’re partnering with a new coin called Lucky Jack.

They’re going to launch their presale with us on Monday 2rd August 2021 at 5PM CET (it just started!). They’re looking to raise 250 BNBs, offering 100B Lucky Jack Tokens in vouchers. These vouchers could be swapped to tokens when the presale is over. 

If you want to do an INO presale of your coin with us please let us know! Send us an email at  [email protected]

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