NFTMetaPets – a GameFi Ecosystem That Seeks to Rule Them All

This project combines Metaverse, AR, cute 3D pets, GameFi, and NFTs into a single fluid ecosystem.

Introducing NFTMetaPets

NFTMetaPets is the latest gamified Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Metaverse project ready to be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project is loaded with utilities that are essential for a successful business in the growing crypto-meets-Metaverse space. It will be building its very own Metaverse, utilize Augmented Reality (AR) mobile games and experiences, and constantly release cute 3D Meta Pets for you to purchase and utilize in the gaming ecosystem. 

With true physical and digital world utility, NFTMetaPets is enabling meme-crazed, pet loving NFT investors the opportunity to unlock, own, play, earn and commercialize their favorite 3D animal-based NFTs.  

Could it Exceed MicroPets or DogeCoin? 

NFTMetaPets combines some of the hottest trends with a stellar team of marketers, artists and developers. This combination is leading a large, growing community in an effort to turn it into a billion dollar token. The NFT and Metaverse industries are the darlings of 2021, on track to grow into over $100 billion industries in market capitalization.

This is a massive opportunity to own these cute NFT Meta Pet assets, build your collection to rule the Metaverse and experience the vast range of games that are going to be released .

The private sale starts today, so join now to secure your spot in one of the hottest launches of 2021. The top 500 holders will be airdropped NFTs. Get VIP priority access to first buying and then using the NFT MetaPets token to unlock mystery and random generated NFT opportunities. Token holders get a clear advantage in securing rarer NFTs, with the higher the staking power and rewards!

Presale Tokens – Your VIP Ticket to Play and Earn

The project consists of a team of more than 50 artists and developers plus tailored and innovative randomised software that pushes new content out rapidly to generate exciting new characters and collections. Each NFT has been specially designed by a professional 3D modeler and game animator with gameplay in mind- providing unique opportunities to buy, play, find, battle, breed, stake and win!

One Token, Maximum ROI, Maximum Earnings

The NFTMetaPets token has been in the works for over 9 months, with an emphasis on high-quality 3D animation, generative artworks, unique design combined with top-notch GameFi software development skill.  The project is filling the need for utility through random giveaways, NFT collections, drops and P2E gaming. The team is even developing a dApp that allows its users to own and sell their own unique NFT’s from their own marketplace.  

This highly sought after community project is led by a team of skilled developers, artists, and crypto leaders who have been in the BSC and broader crypto space for the last five years. A token with true leadership, and a community focused to provide an equal balance to the project. Between market experience and community demands, the best possible outcomes and future for the NFTMetaVerse token project are first in mind. 

With a 10,000-strong engaged community within the first 5 days of soft launch and supported by a team of founders and admins to help investors, NFTMetaPets is ready to successfully launch and hold the presale with expected onboarding of circa 2,000 holders.

Key NFT Meta Pet Token Details

A unique GameFi earning opportunity with everyone’s favorite animals, packaged into adorable pet memes that you collect, play, trade, stake and breed! It has added bonus NFT opportunities providing exceptional ROI monetization for the community.

10,000 users in community pre-launch

Active and proven crypto and GameFi dev team

Major marketing budget

NFT collections ready to go!

Full-scale gaming ecosystem in development


Liquidity Locked

3% Liquidity Pool

3% Buy Back Wallet 

3% Marketing

3% Development

100% SAFU

Experienced creative artists and dev-based game developers

Open VC

Additionally: All tokens spent on the NFT Meta Pets dApp go directly to a wallet that is used for one of 3 purposes: replenishing the staking pool, creating a new P2E pool, and creating a new farming pool. 

Ready to Burst Onto the Scene

The future is now as the team has 3 collections ready to go, with at least 3 more in the works – all providing insane ROI and multiple use case earning capabilities for token holders. These use cases include staking, bonus stakes for genesis buyers and enormous capabilities to extend the NFTMetaPets roadmap:  farming, play to earn, and special edition crate releases are a preview of what is to come.  

Farming capabilities include the feature to farm your unique NFT Meta Pets. The Meta Pets are cute mythical animals that range from dragons, unicorns, puppies and much more. The Pets will grow into an adult, and are then able to breed and power up your earnings! You’ll need the token to get started,  so don’t miss out on the pre-sale and whitelist opportunity. 

Purchase minted tickets to speed up growth and value of the adult NFTs. Play with strategy to earn your advantage when our NFT Pets GameFi brings your NFT to Metalife. Mine, stake, find, play, and earn NFT Meta Pet tokens and get rewards. The token brings VIP access to upcoming releases and also benefits from NFT sales. Use your tokens to purchase in-game assets and even unlock member only areas on the metaverse. 

Limited edition meta boxes with NFTs will be released for genesis token holders. They will be regularly dropped to continually reward the community support for loyalty, special occasions or just because of hype in the space. 

Get In Early

Missed out on Floki, MicroPets, or even Doge Coin? NFTMetaPets seeks to be the next trending project with a large community of 10,000 in just 5 days! 

NFTMetaPets has an interactive and open community, real utility, real earning capacity and proven team with working products and collections ready to go.  Visit their website and join their telegram group to learn more. 

Token holders get priority access to all NFT pre-sales; with three 10,000 Generative Collections ready to drop, how high can the Meta Pets go?

The NFTMetaPets team is composed of seasoned crypto investors, blockchain developers, app and game developers, and marketing experts. The goal? Serving our community and investors, ensuring a fun and engaging environment with exceptional ROI for investors, alongside continuous large scale marketing efforts. Can this be the next DogeCoin?

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Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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