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NFTMARS is a blockchain-based decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Users can create, experience life on Mars, and monetize their content and products on the NFTMARS platform.

This is your one-stop-shop for lands, animals, tools, and cosmetics ranging from the regular NFT to the legendary. NFTMARS essentially has everything you need to develop your Martian land into the paradise you’ve always desired.

NFTMARS’s Mission


NFTMARS provides the infrastructure to support the shared virtual world, also known as The Metaverse. It consists of decentralized land ownership ledgers, a protocol for describing the contents of each land, and a peer-to-peer network for user authors.

NFT Mars creates a parallel world but better than the one you live in. A place where you can create anything unique and easily connect with others who share your interests and passions.

And especially you can earn money from your own creations.

NFTMARS — A world created by you.

The Marketplace


The Marketplace is the optimal location for trading and managing your NFTMARS on- and off-chain assets.

Access the Marketplace at

You can use the Marketplace to:

Buy or sell NFT collectibles created by individuals or companies (“Collections”)

Sell LAND and real estate parcels, as well as wearables and personal names.

Buy parcels and estates, as well as wearables and personal names.

Transfer ownership of your parcels and real estate to another user.

Discover who owns what, what wearable devices exist, and which names are confirmed using the map.

The Builder


This simple powerful free 3D builder modeling allows users to create and animate 3D objects before exporting them to the NFTMARS market to be used as an ASSET in a game.

THE NFT MARKETPLACE: The NFTMARS web-based marketplace allows users to upload, publish and sell their BUILDER-created works (properties).

Bridge NFT


We have ambitions to bring to the software community the MultiBaas NFT Bridge, a bridge that allows developers, both private and public, to rapidly prototype and build blockchain applications. One of their main goals is to create a world in which blockchain technology is imperceptible, with technical details concealed behind the scenes.

The pairing will allow businesses to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other blockchain technologies directly into their consumer applications. MultiBaas is software, or middleware, that enables the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain.

It can move ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 assets bidirectionally between Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and xDai. Additionally, MultiBass is also capable of integrating digital asset cross-chain features directly into a variety of applications. These applications include decentralized finance (Defi), financial services, NFT, online gaming, and virtual reality.

Game Manufacturers


Anyone who owns ASSETS, whether they were created in BUILDER or purchased, can use them with the third ecosystem and most important product, Game Maker and Game. When launched in Game Maker mode, this product allows users to stake and spend their ASSETS on a piece of LAND tokens (BEP-721) in the virtual world. Users can customize their LAND with ASSETs and more importantly, implement fun and nuanced gameplay mechanics by assigning predefined behaviors to ASSETs via intuitive scripting buttons. This effectively transforms LAND from a decorative experience to a game experience.
NFTMARS — Build from a solid foundation to grow.

The NFTMARS virtual world empowers players and creators through the use of blockchain and NFT technology. NFT is an emerging segment in the global gaming market, consisting of virtual tokens used for digital scarcity, security, and authentication. Each NFT is separate or unique, it is indivisible and not interchangeable.

NFTMARS — Get ready for a booming new economy


We are introducing two digital assets: LAND and Mars Token. Land is an asset that can be hoarded due to its scarcity and inability to be created. As for Mars Token is the main means of transaction in NFTMARS and increases the value and development of the project.

LAND’s utility is based on its proximity to other centers of attention, its ability to host applications, and also its identification mechanism. Developers and other content creators will require LAND to construct structures and accomplish their objectives. While all unclaimed LAND can be purchased at the same exchange rate (50 MARS = 1 LAND), LAND is distinct from one another and can be traded at a variety of prices. On the secondary market due to the difference in exchange rates and forwards.
Be the first to build your world.

NFTMARS is a distributed platform for creating and monetizing applications in a shared virtual world on Mars. Along with the buildable apps, the scarce land fund will establish user attention centers, assisting content creators in increasing revenue. MARS tokens will be used to buy land, goods, and services in the world. The MARS token will also be used to incentivize content creation and user adoption, thus launching the first decentralized virtual world.

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