NFTCloud: The All-in-one Studio for Web3 Creators

NFTCloud offers a suite of tools for Web3 creators to launch their products and share in the revenue as Enchanting Box Holders.


NFTCloud is a platform that offers a Suite of Tools for all Web3 entrepreneurs, creators, and enthusiasts. In addition to our tools and services, NFTCloud offers the Enchanting Box Collection, a collection of stunning works of art packaged in charming boxes that also serve as an investment that generates passive income for its owners.

CloudStudio Overview

Users can access our tools and services by exploring CloudStudio. Most of our tools are free to use, but there are some that are only available to VIP users who own NFTs from the Enchanting Box Collection. Find more information about the Enchanting Box Collection in the docs.

We offer solutions for everyone to create their own tokens and NFTs, and exploit them in a few seconds. In accordance with the Product Owner’s requirements, successfully generated tokens on NFTCloud will be verified, published on token explorer websites, and automatically listed on DEXs.

Mint & manage NFT

NFT Minter

NFT Minter allows for a wide range of different types and sizes of NFTs to be created across multiple blockchains, all while keeping minting costs to a minimum thanks to minting smart contracts that have been optimized.

NFTs can be sold as single, independent, or generative sets with multiple properties. Their edition sizes and collection capacities can be limited or unlimited, depending on how they are sold. Users can access self-service tools that upload, verify, and add metadata to each file. Users can also make a random combination of features or attributes that can be used when minting NFTs.

NFT launcher

Making the pieces in your art collection accessible to the general public is simpler than ever. CloudStudio’s NFT Launcher presents a comprehensive selection of options to accommodate a wide range of sales types. Connect your wallet, verify your project’s information, and input the settings for your desired smart contract, and you’ll be ready to start making sales for your NFT collection.

NFT Private Marketplace 📑

For a Product Owner who wants to build a private marketplace tailor-made for their community that supports exclusive filters and meets special requirements, you can use our tools to make it come true. Just register the project, fill in your requirements in the setting, and your desired result will be brought to life by CloudStudio.

2 Sub-Collections

Our collection is divided into two parts: The Ordinary Collection, which includes 9000 static 2D NFTs, and The Supremacy Collection, which includes 1000 3D animated NFTs. Each collection also includes NFTs from all three rarity tiers: Legendary, Rare, and Common – each tier represents the characteristics and the potential value that the NFTs could provide to their owners.

Rarity Tier

Common 🥉

There are 4,000 Common NFTs in the Ordinary Collection, and 550 Common NFTs in the Supremacy Collection. Each box presents a resident of the UpSky Kingdom, along with some of their personal accessories and artifacts from their adventures.

Rare 🥈

There are 3,000 Rare NFTs in the Ordinary Collection, and 300 Rare NFTs in the Supremacy Collection. Each box presents civilized residents of the Upsky Kingdom, who have seen more of the world than most and always have many exotic artifacts and relics with them.

Legendary 🥇

There are 2,000 Legendary NFTs in the Ordinary Collection and 150 Legendary NFTs in the Supremacy Collection. Each box presents one of the most elite residents of UpSky Kingdom – they are knowledgeable adventurers who are always at the forefront of new adventures and always bring their finest armor and possessions.

Benefits for NFTs owners

Staking for passive income 💰

Holders can stake their Enchanting Box to receive rewards and chances for lucky drops or bonus rewards. Collectors who stake numerous Enchanting Boxes or successfully complete Collection Quests would be entitled to a variety of reward boosters.

Revenue sharing 💸

50% of the platform’s generated fees will be stored in the Treasury to be distributed to Enchanting Box owners as a monthly reward.

DAO votes 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽

Whoever owns Enchanting Boxes will also own part of NFTCloud and be entitled to contribute to the development of NFTcloud’s product and community.

Discount on tools & service fees 🪄

Registered users who possess Enchanting Boxes will receive permanent and special discounts to use NFTCloud tools and services.

Exclusive perks

The NFTCloud and its partners like to surprise Enchanting Box owners with special gifts every once in a while.


Q1 – 2023

Genesis Mint

Tool System Testing

Q2 – 2023

CloudStudio Launch

Token Tools Release

Partner system

Extra perks for NFT holders

Q3 – 2023

CloudStudio Upgrade

NFT Tools Release

Service hub

Partners’ tools integration

Q4 – 2023

CloudStudio Expansion

Project Hub Release

CloudStudio Whitelabel

Q1 – 2024


Much more…

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