NFTBomb Joins with 7 Other Projects for Huge NFT AirDrop

New NFT protocol idea bombs onto the scene with a group of projects to help boost their innovative venture.

Exclusive Benefits Up For Grabs

A huge blast of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) is dropping across Binance Smart Chain (BSC). NFTBomb has partnered with seven different protocols and wallets for its protocol launch, which will include NFT releases of the new ‘Rare-Ki’ NFTs.

The featured release of the ‘Rare-Ki’ NFT will open users to the new NFTBomb ecosystem. The NFTs will act as a ticket to various benefits and perks, notably BOOM agreement participation qualification, a third-party platform open to millions of more prizes exclusively to Rare-Ki holders. 

“Our #Rare_Ki NFT airdrop has been launched on the cooperation platforms. You can check and fill in the form on these platforms now,” NFTBomb tweeted on Oct. 16th. “Users who fill out the form can claim your #Rare_Ki NFT on our website after the 22nd. Before that, we will announce the claim tutorial!”


NFT drops are becoming more creative in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and the collective pitch by seven projects is a keen effort to attract users and interest. The airdrop will be facilitated by Airdrop Ninja, a protocol known for assisting in numerous airdrop events across BSC. 

NFT Airdrop Details.

The campaigns all run from Oct. 16th – Oct. 22nd (UTC+8) across all seven platforms. Some tweet announcements from the protocols have indicated ‘first come, first serve,’ so do not wait. 

Each requires various social media tasks for completion, like Telegram follows and completion of a Google Form to verify your accounts. Be sure to check each project’s requirements individually. 

Below are the links to each participating project:

BurgerSwap – 10000 Rare_Ki NFTs

HyperPay – 10,000 Rare Ki NFTs 

ONTO – 10,000 Rare Ki NFTs 

Nabox – 10,000 Rare Ki NFTs 

Pacific – 2,000 Rare Ki NFTs

NFTStar – 2,000 Rare Ki NFTs

BerryData – 1,000 Rare Ki NFTs

The Rare_Ki release is the first group of NFTs issued by NFTBomb. There are a total of 45,000 NFTs available and exclusive rights and benefits to the NFT marketplace, as well as the growing BOOM protocol, are up for grabs!


What is NFTBomb 

NFTBomb is the first NFT protocol ecological project dedicated to creating a new paradigm of NFT finance. NFTBomb features not only an NFT market but also a rich NFT protocol ecology. The market module links the real world and Metaverse assets together, while the protocol ecology solves the problem of NFT liquidity. NFTBomb can help high-quality NFT protocols reach more valuable NFT assets quickly to serve more NFT users.

Where to find NFT Bomb:

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