NFTb Stands Out on BSC News Twitter Spaces

Though the NFTb team kept a few things up their sleeves, they revealed some of the plans the platform is working on.

BSC News Hosts NFTb

On April 14, BSC News had another date on Twitter-Space, this time with the multi-chain NFT ecosystem, NFTb. The BSC News anchorman was Tom Andrew, who hosted Tommy So and Jaeho Jang,  NFTb’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Head of Music, respectively. 

The event lasted for about 40 minutes and was attended by more than 500 persons. Tom–– who described NFTs hosted by NFTb as eye-catching and revolutionary––gave his guests time to vividly convey the value NFTb adds to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space and where the platform’s future is headed. NFTb’s Tommy So started the discussion by introducing NFTb as a 20-man team with vast experience from Tencent, Amazon, and Hewlett Packard Enterprises. 

The main talking points during the event were:

What makes NFTb stand out from other NFT platforms 

NFTb’s “NFT Meets DeFi” Concept

Verification policy and requirements for listing collectibles on NFTb

Evolution of NFT use-cases beyond art ownership, staking, etc. 

NFTb Stars and its expected launch date 

Plans for Music NFTs 

Utility of the NFTb token

Benefits of GameFi partnership with NFTs

Expectations for the year 2022 


The host enquired what plans NFTb has for fractional NFTs. NFTb’s COO responded that, while the concept of fractional NFTs is an interesting one, it is not in NFTb’s immediate plans but could be accommodated in a future roadmap: 

“Yeah… Fractional NFT ownership is something that we’re currently working with some of our partners to develop. At this stage, we see there’s a lot of problems in defining metadata standards and finding the right partner that could lead us in that direction. So we’re trying to attract high-value digital arts and artists to our platform. And as we see NFT values start to pick up again, fractional NFTs will be prioritized again on our platform. But at this stage, we decided to put that further down our roadmap to prioritize other features,” NFTb’s COO, Tommy So, stated. 

On the other hand, Jaeho Jang teased the platform’s upcoming NFTb Stars. NFTb Stars is the music and entertainment business arm of NFTb. Jang stated that the service is in development and will have governance features that will give NFT holders a say in the real-life activities of NFT content creators:

“One thing we’re kind of incubating in the background is NFTb Stars, which is a full-service agency to bring celebrities and brands to the blockchain, specifically on BNB Chain. What we’re trying to experiment with is the idea of governance from owning NFTs. So, a celebrity would drop the NFT, but the owner of the NFTs could have decision-making or governance powers over decisions like what the artists would use in a particular music video and how they would dress at an event. So on NFTb, we’re building a unique experience for each community,” Jang enthused.

The engaging conversation was filled with subtle hints that NFTb is working on several future releases in the background. What has been clearly defined, however, is that the platform is going all-in on GameFi and Music NFTs.

Visit this link to listen to the recording of the BSC News x NFTb Twitter Spaces. 

What is NFTb:

NFTb is a cross-chain DeFi NFT marketplace. It seeks to provide content creators with tools to enable them to harness the utility of NFTs and gain exposure for their works.  NFTb was launched in April 2020. It received funding from Binance a year later to help it scale its platform and boost the adoption of NFTs.

Where to find NFTb:

Website | Blog | Twitter | Telegram | Discord 

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