NFTb Partners With Korean GameFi Project K-3 Kingdoms as Part of Gaming Pivot

The K-3 Kingdoms NFT Mint is set for March 16 on NFTb and tofuNFT.

Watch the K3K Game Trailer

As part of its pivot to blockchain gaming, NFTb is partnering with Korean GameFi project K-3 Kingdoms (K3K) on its initial Non-Fungible Token (NFT) mint, set for March 16.

K3K is currently in closed beta phase, with open beta testing schedule to begin in early April. The project is migrating to BNB Chain from Klaytn.

In addition to NFTb, K3K is also partnering with tofuNFT on the mint event.

K3K recently posted a video trailer showcasing the graphics and gameplay of the strategy-based simulation game. While K3K is PlaytoEarn, it also allows users to play for free.

What is NFTb:

NFTb is an NFT exchange protocol built on the BNB Chain network. The platform can be accessed anywhere around the globe and is rumored to have partnered with hundreds of graphic designers. The project’s chief concern is providing a powerful and easy-to-use platform for content creators to use while at the same time creating an affordable experience for NFT collectors by leveraging the power of BNB Chain

Where to find NFTb:

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