NFTb Launchpad – Accelerating Launches and Lowering Risks

The platform is preparing to roll out their first-of-a-kind NFT Launchpad with Liquidifty as one of its launch partners.

The Status of NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become one of the most popular crypto-based assets. In July of this year, NFT sales topped 1.2 Billion. These are no-doubt impressive numbers, and with this level of sales comes an increasingly raised benchmark for what is considered a high-quality NFT. 

Recent projects like CryptoPunks, the NFTb Degen Monkey collection by Nael G, and the Bored Clowns collection by Rzijj have seen a large amount of success. This has inspired more developers to create resource and time-intensive NFT projects.

In order to create an NFT project that stands up to these benchmarks, there is a tremendous investment of time and resources needed. This has made it difficult for fledgling developer teams to get their projects off the ground. This is where the NFTb Launchpad comes into play.

Ready for Launch

NFTb started as an NFT platform that focused on providing a quality atmosphere for artists and art enthusiasts alike. The NFTb project has been officially backed by Binance, securing their credibility as a quality platform on the chain.

After seeing success in their venture, the team decided to expand their horizons into creating a full Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

In a move towards that horizon, NFTb is developing a Launchpad for blossoming NFT projects. The launchpad will allow projects to host Initial NFT Offerings (INOs), a new way for NFT-based projects to gain early exposure.

The NFT Launchpad is the first of its kind, specifically created to help lower the risks for new projects when it comes to investment of time and resources in NFT-based projects.

The Launchpad is scheduled for release in September.

Why the NFTb Launchpad is Useful

The NFTb team has taken notice of the fact that many desirable NFTs are inaccessible for many users, whether it is the exclusivity of the sale or the price in a secondary market. Their method of solving this is simple – hold the $NFTB token.

Holders of the NFTb native token ($NFTB) will have exclusive access to pre-sales held through the Launchpad. This will help keep $NFTB at a consistent price point and incentivize holding the token rather than pumping and dumping its value. 

Users who hold more $NFTB will have access to higher tiers of the INOs. 

By opening access to their user base with the simple requirement NFTb is making it easier for users to have access to exciting new NFTs while simultaneously increasing the value of their token.

INO Models

The NFTb Launchpad will offer new NFT projects a chance to get their footing in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. Anyone can apply by filling out their application form. There will be two ways a project can hold an INO: First Come, First Served (FCFS) and Lottery-Style.

First Come, First Served

In this model, qualifying users are selected for participation by the date that they registered for the INO whitelist. This model incentivizes early registration, creating a healthy competition that will increase the amount of users registering for the INO. 


This is an open-access model, where users are able to register at any point as long as they qualify by holding $NFTB. If there are more registrants than NFTs available, participation will be selected via a random lottery function. 

Tier System

Tier requirements for holding $NFTB

The tier system is quite simple – hold more $NFTB to get access to more exclusive launch events. Users who hold at least 20,000 $NFTB will have access to the base tier. 37,500 allows access to the mid tier, while holding 50,000 gives access to the most desirable NFTs. 

NFTB can be purchased on or earned by participating on the NFTb platform. Users can earn on the platform by staking tokens and earning $NFTB APY.

Liquidifty Collaboration

Liquidifty is a cross-chain platform that seeks to increase the liquidity in the NFT sector. Liquidifty users have access to cross-chain NFT oracles, NFT-collateralized loans, NFT vaults, and a cross-chain NFT marketplace.  

In the partnership NFTb and Liquidifty will explore ways to improve the BSC ecosystem with a particular focus on marketing and growing the NFT space. Liquidifty will be one of the first partner projects for the NFTb Launchpad.

Concluding Thoughts

The NFTb Launchpad helps reinforce the strategic vision of the platform that they are more than just an NFT platform, but instead a project that supports creators. They are rolling out a platform where artists can find an audience to appreciate their work – and simultaneously boost the quality of BSC DeFi.

To learn more about NFTb and Liquidifty, visit the following links:

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Liquidifty Website

Liquidifty Twitter

Liquidifty Telegram

Liquidifty Medium

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