NFTb Joins with CMC for April Fool’s, Preps for Big April of Launches

The NFTb marketplace is also lining up a select group of INOs for throughout the month.

Fresh NFT BottleCap Drop

A top NFT artist from the NFTb Marketplace, HexVanilla, teamed up with CoinMarketCap (CMC) for a limited and exclusive NFT drop that will also send real antique bottlecaps to users through the mail. The endeavor completely sold out proving the popularity of the new CMC’s antique caps.

In an effort to celebrate April Fool’s Day, and following a joke blog from April 1 from CMC about giving up entirely on the crypto market, users of CMC’s Diamond Loyalty Program were eligible to claim one of the “Taste the Gains” bottle caps for 2,000 CMC reward points. 

“What an incredible response! Taste the Gains drop on @CoinMarketCap is completely sold out!” the NFTb tweeted on April 4. “Thank you for your interest & congrats to the new owners of these limited-edition NFTs– NFTs will be distributed very soon. May your soul bubble with sweetness.”

The CMC confirmed that users will be sent their antique bottle caps within five business days. The collaboration with HexVanilla also helps boosts the exposure to an artist with only 25 successful mints in his lifetime, and is proving to be a way to help grow the artist.

IGO and INO Launches in April

The NFTb Marketplace is also set to have a big month. There are five Initial NFT Offerings (INO) and one Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) on the way over the month between April 4-21. 

NFTb announced the latest offerings in a tweet on April 3 with an image showing the expected lineup for the month. The first up on the list is Dead Knight, an 8-bit Play-to-earn RPG NFT game. One project will be duplicated over the month; HunterVerse will have an IDO on April 8, followed by an INO nearly two weeks later on April 13. 

For more information on all the upcoming releases head over to NFTb to see the exact eligibility requirements for each. The events are subject to change. 


What is NFTb:

NFTb is an NFT exchange protocol built on the BNB Chain network. The platform can be accessed anywhere around the globe and is rumored to have partnered with hundreds of graphic designers. The project’s chief concern is providing a powerful and easy-to-use platform for content creators to use while at the same time creating an affordable experience for NFT collectors by leveraging the power of the BSC network. 

Where to find NFTb: 

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