NFTb Completes Largest Metaverse Sale in BSC History

The surge of interest in the LANDs stalled the platform, leading to some users missing out.

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Multi-chain digital marketplace, NFTb, has wrapped up what is sure to be the largest metaverse sale in the history of Binance Smart Chain. The sale simultaneously took place across three heavyweight BSC platforms – Binance NFT, Dvision, and NFTb, on 24th November at 11AM UTC.

“An Update from the NFTb Team… Today we completed the launch of the largest #Metaverse sale on BSC and the exciting sale of @WLOCT’s native token”, read NFTb’s tweet on November 24.

A total of 4,430 LAND NFTs from Dvision‘s metaverse were traded in the epic sale. According to a blog post that outlined details of the sale, the LAND sale was split between the three platforms:

1495 LAND Boxes were sold through an Initial NFT Offering (INO) on NFTb

1485 LAND Lots without any randomization were offered to buyers through Dvision’s Marketplace.

On Binance NFT, 1450 Mystery Boxes were allocated exclusively to users of

Expectations Exceeded


NFTb got more interest in the LAND sales than it bargained for. Users struggled to access the INO leaving a couple of them frustrated. Several people complained of not being able to take part in the INO via TrustWallet, while those who used Metamask did not appear to encounter any issues.

The platform acknowledged the issues faced by its community during the sales, and pledged to improve the system:

“We are disappointed to share that we had severely under-estimated the demand from our supporters, which has caused some to miss out. The team will be upgrading its technology and improving its processes to provide a better experience”, NFTb said in a tweet

Statistics show that Interest in GameFi and play-to-earn protocols remains on the rise. It is better for platforms in the GameFi niche to assume that they will be besieged by much interest during public sales, and prepare sufficient logistics to mitigate unwanted negative community feelings.

About NFTb

NFTb is a cross-chain DeFi NFT marketplace. It seeks to provide content creators with tools to enable them to harness the utility of NFTs and gain exposure for their works. NFTb was launched in April 2020. It got funds from Binance a year later to help it scale its platform and boost the adoption of NFTs.

More about NFTb can be seen here: 

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