NFTb Announces V2.0 Platform Upgrade

There are several new updates to NFTb’s platform, all of which are attempting to accelerate the onboarding of new users.

Upgrade Seeks to Onboard More Users

NFTb announced its V2 update that chronicles the transformation from Web2 to Web3.

The upgrade was made official via Twitter and Medium on April 19, and will optimize NFTb’s scalability. There will be added support to digital art and music NFTsDeFiMetaverse, and PlaytoEarn projects. The team is certainly excited about what lies ahead:

“These high-growth user-centric categories require a phenomenal user experience at a lower cost and with minimal bridging friction, being a core strength of the NFTb’s platform,” stated Olexiy Federov, CTO of NFTb.

The initial quarter of 2022 has seen the NFTb product team working hard on rebuilding the platform to enable the onboarding of more users than ever. With this latest release, it appears we are much closer to the overall aims of the project.


What do the Upgrades Entail?

NFTb highlighted the following as a result of the V2.0 update:

Web2 to Web3: A fundamental update of the backend and frontend, allowing users to navigate more seamlessly and providing an improved experience. The platform now incorporates technologies such as Node.JS Mongo Cloud DB, Next.JS, which are used by leading Web3 platforms.

Wallet Connect Integration: Multiple wallets across different applications and chains are now supported through WalletConnect.

$NFTB as Payment Token: The native $NFTB token will become a second payment option, allowing users to sell NFTs for 0% platform fees as opposed to the 10% charge on with BNB. 

Transaction History for NFTs: Detailed transaction histories will allow users to make better-informed decisions regarding their assets.

New Search Mechanism: Users can easily navigate the platform via the all-new more effective search bar. 

New Launchpad Filters: Users can now easily find the projects they are most excited about, whether already released or awaiting IDO/INO or Private Sale.

BEP1155 Multiple NFTs Minting: While now there is only a single NFT minting & trading option on NFTb, the V2.0 upgrade allows users to mint and trade multiple NFT copies (max 10,000).

The NFTb team joined BSC News for a Twitter Spaces on April 14 to discuss all the updates. Visit HERE for the whole Twitter Spaces event. BSC News will be following the launch of NFTb’s V2.0 platform upgrade, and will keep you up to date on the impact of the exciting new move. 

What is NFTb:

NFTb is a cross-chain DeFi NFT marketplace. It seeks to provide content creators with tools to enable them to harness the utility of NFTs and gain exposure for their works.  NFTb was launched in April 2020. It received funding from Binance a year later to help it scale its platform and boost the adoption of NFTs.

Where to find NFTb:

Website | Blog | Twitter | Telegram | Discord 

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