NFT Teleported From BSC to Ethereum Network, Using Exciting New Bridge: Scotty Beam

Excitement builds as users consider how the NFT market could be affected by transporting their NFTs to different markets.

Scotty Beams up NFT

An NFT has teleported from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to the Ethereum Network using Scotty Beam, the impressive new bridge with considerable backing.

The Mutant Ape NFT was seamlessly moved between the bridges in a transaction that can be followed step by step in the video below.

Scotty Beam enjoys important backing from the likes of Magnus Capital, Seedify.Fund, Oracles Investment Group, Maven Capital, and a host of other backers. The team will be looking to highlight what they can do on a mass scale as the project grows.

The playful animated videos suggest a sheen and shine to the project that has caught the attention of many. The team has laid out the three vital steps they will undertake: 


The Star Trek-themed animation series could prove to help bring more NFT activity to Binance Smart Chain. No doubt, the motivation to bridge can be attributed to the low prices and fast transactions available on BSC.

About Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam describes itself as the “world’s first cross-chain NFT teleport,” and though we can’t substantiate this claim, their ambitions certainly are admirable. The project hopes to tap into a thriving NFT market by allowing users to move their prized NFT assets from one network into another that may well have a more burgeoning market likely to attract an investor.

Where to find Scotty Beam:

Telegram Chat | Telegram ANN | Twitter | Medium | Website

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