NFT Play-to-Earn Platform DeFi Warrior Lands $2.3 Million in Funding

Over 30 projects contributed to the growth of the game, signaling a strong belief in its potential.

First Crypto Character and Galaxy Game 

DeFi Warrior has successfully raised $2.3 million from a host of top investors like Hyperchain capital, OkEx Blockdream ventures, Signum Capital, and many more. 

The funds raised will be used to develop the DeFi warrior game, which combines Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible Token (NFT) gaming according to the Accesswire press release. Ultimate DeFi platform, LaunchZone took to Twitter on 20th August to congratulate the Play-to-Earn DeFi x NFT blockchain gaming protocol. 

“Great news about @launchzoneann’s partner @DeFiWarriorGame on yahoo!finance. Congrats to you guys for your successful fundraising!!! $2.3 million from Signum Capital, Hyperchain Capital, OkEx Blockdream Ventures,” LaunchZone celebrated its partner, DeFi Warrior. 

DeFi Warrior is a blockchain game with a fascinating crypto galaxy story. The funding is great for the DeFi market as users can enjoy the game, a perfect combination of Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and NFT. In addition, the funding shows that investors believe in the game’s potential, expecting that DeFi Warrior will drive huge market interest. 


Introducing the Crypto Galaxy Game 

According to a Yahoo! Finance report on August 20th, DeFi Warrior is a blockchain-based game inspired by the cryptocurrency economy. In the game, each blockchain is a planet, and every crypto is a warrior. 

“The planet is also a place where warriors can build their coin mining factory and fight against bosses or enemies for rewards. Such game dynamics aim to achieve two essential goals: to bring the world of crypto to masses through gaming and to pique the curiosity of both gamers and crypto investors,” as obtained from the blog post. 

For better understanding, the crypto is an NFT, and the NFT is a warrior. When users own warriors (NFTs), they can participate in game modes that feature Player vs. Player (PVP) battles, farming, and championships. In addition, the NFTs/warriors can be leveled up to increase owners’ benefits. However, warriors’ strengths are also determined by the movement of cryptocurrency prices, ensuring that the game is even more dramatic. 

The game is created with the long-term goal of building a gaming ecosystem where warriors can quickly enter different gameplays. In addition, DeFi Warrior will become decentralized such that players can contribute to warriors/NFTs and a planet design. What’s more, they will be able to add more gameplay to the NFT game. 

The crypto is an NFT, and the NFT is a warrior | Source 

Positive Growth Potential 

DeFi Warrior received funding support from over 30 DeFi projects. One of the top investors, HyperChain, expressed their satisfaction after investing in the blockchain-based game. HyperChain CEO Stelian Belta shared his thoughts about investing in the game, professing a solid belief in DeFi Warrior’s potential. 

“I created games since I was 16 and founded multiple startups in the games industry in my early career. We believe in DeFi Warrior on a long-term horizon.” Belta continued, “Right now we’re at the point where blockchain technology is mature enough so it can support millions of players. Thinking about blockchains as app stores is a paradigm shift in the industry and we’re only getting started. I think that blockchain-based games can really bring crypto to billions of people.” 


The image below shows the number of investors involved in the considerable funding round. DeFi Warrior has an outstanding team, and they will leverage the funds with their expertise in blockchain gaming to build the DeFi Warrior game.

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