NFT Launch by Sandman Finance after Their Token Pre-sale

We are here to announce great news from Sandman finance. They are proud to present their Endless NFTs Cards as part of the community adventure across the sandman realm. For those who don’t know what these NFT cards are, we will guide you through this article.

These cards are basically derived from the characters of a comic book. Each of the seven layers will represent one character at a time. Before the actual sale of every token, each token will announce a pre-sale followed by the process for the farming token of the respective Layer.

When you hold their pre-sale token, you will continue to profit from Sandman finance. They will give you an NFT card and farming tokens from that Layer (for example, Despair token is the third Layer’s farming token), including an additional NFT card after the pre-sale.

The Sandman Finance Gambling Engine will be NFT’s Cards, and the Chain-link Randomness engine will create each skill at random. We want to add that you cannot hold NFT cards duplicates in wallets, and instead, each buyer will only get one of their NFT cards during the redeeming process of each Layer.

Simply keeping the NFT card in your wallet will provide you with benefits across all levels. Sandman Finance’s 7 Layers will continue to profit from the NFT card.

The users can use these NFT cards in two ways: Kingdoms and battles. Every time you use a card in either kingdoms or battles, it will gain more experience. All the cards start with 0 experiences; the more experience a card gets, the more accurate its hits become. But the exciting news is that NFT card holds can soon auction their cards on the platform!

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