NFT GameFi Project Oly Sport Looks to Establish Itself with Strategic Recruitment and Development Plans

An updated roadmap reflects huge changes at the helm for Oly Sport, as they work toward important growth.

GameFi Races to Development

The acquisition of a former committee member of Binance’s MVB Incubator Program, and several project development milestones makes this a pivotal time for OlySport.

Founder of Future Money Capital, and former Binance committee member Steven Li has taken up the role of advisor at OlySport, with Future Money also acting as mentor. 

“This partnership will bring many important advancements for Oly Sport,” the team explained after announcing the news on their official Medium on November 12th.”Their understanding of the blockchain industry and crypto markets will be one of the greatest contributions in helping us perfect the Oly Sport Metaverse.”


Indeed ‘advancements’ are what the team is working toward and several other developments suggest they are well on their way.

Roadmap Highlights Ambitions

The team announced their comprehensive short term aims in the release of a recent roadmap alongside a list detailing what they hope to achieve.

1. Sell NFT Horse Tickets on some NFT platforms, which will be announced later — Expected time: 4th week of November

2. Allow users to trade NFT Horse Tickets on Marketplace — in November

3. Allow user to mint from Ticket — in November

4. Open the Breeding feature, allow users to breed horses — in December

5. Allow users to trade NFT Horses directly with each other on Marketplace — in December

6. Introduction of horse racing in the game — in December

7. Allow community to join the testing phase of the Racing feature on Testnet — Expected time: End of December

8. Racecourse become available for Oly Racers to buy — Expected time: January 2022

We’ll be monitoring the progress of the project to see if they can truly follow through with the ambitious plans they’ve set

The clip offers a glimpse of the technical developments Oly Sport’s horses continue to enjoy.

About Oly Sport

The Oly Sport team describes itself as the world’s first horse racing metaverse game for players to earn virtual land and real land in-game. The project is an online horse racing game platform using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players can buy, breed, and race virtual horses, which are represented by NFTs. The platform will allow players to earn esports prizes from virtual horse races through the power of blockchain.

Where to find Oly Sport:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Linkedin 

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