NFT enjoying remarkable growth and CEX Binance highlights 3 BSC NFT projects


More than $2 Billion invested on NFTs on the Ethereum chain; however, the network fees remain high. The transaction speed remains low. Even when the NFT market experience more than a 2100 % increase.

The NFT market is experiencing tremendous growth in the first quarter of the year. The binance smart chain providing an array of exciting projects as well as providing ultra-fast speeds and low fees have enticed many users to migrate to the binance smart chain in masses. Recently three projects have been highlighted by the Binance Academy that is available on BSC: Battle Pets, BakerySwap, and PancakeSwap collectibles. These NFTs have a lot to offer, and let’s see what that is

Battle Pets

This brings collectibles and gaming together—the distinguishing factor being the battle mechanics the game employs, not just their cute and furriness. The battle and siege mode involves staking the pets that result in rewards in the form of FRUIT tokens, the native token of Battle Pets. The game also has many more features to fulfill anyone’s dream that wanted a cute fighting pet.


This is an exchange on the BSC that is also one of the top-level NFT marketplaces on BSC, having in-demand artists like SWOG, Cookie Munster, Manzo, ToyBoy, and many more. The users can browse the NFTs by category. But the most interesting feature is that they can instead go with gamified NFTs. Furthermore, there are combos of NFTs that can have powerful effects, boosting the powers when staked for better rewards


This is an exchange on BSC that is stepping into the NFT sector. The central theme of the collectibles on Pancake Swap being rabbits. Each of these NFTs is redeemable in the form of CAKE, PancakeSwap native token. The users are provided with different art styles to sizes of rabbits. Still, it all depends on whether the users like rabbits or not.


Ethereum chain had been the focus in the early NFT market but now the Binance Smart chain is also making rapid progress in this area. This is due to the fact that the fast speed and low fees have made buying and selling of NFTs on BSC more affordable and thus it is a platform worth exploring for the NFT landscape.

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