NFT Collection Of Comic Superhero, The Amazing Spider-man, Sells Out

Fans can now purchase a limited number of the comic legend’s NFT collectibles.

You Can Own The Iconic Spider-man

Lovers of the popular comic character, the Amazing Spider-man, now have a chance to own a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of their hero. Marvel Entertainment – creators of the Spider-Man legend, offered the exclusive NFTs through the VeVe Digital Collectibles NFT marketplace. 

VeVe announced, in a Medium post on August 5, that fans of Spider-man would be able to purchase the NFTs from Saturday, Aug.7, at 15:00 UTC. The Veve Digital Marketplace is available in iOS and Android mobile app stores. Many people took to the official Twitter post to voice how quickly the NFTs sold out.

Hundreds of thousands of people trying to get them all at the same time. Luck is literally the only thing going for you on a drop like this,” Tweeted user @ericmcdonald99 who scooped up an NFT.

Different Categories On Offer

According to Veve, the Spider-Man NFTs will have five rarity classes. Each class depicts Spider-man in a unique pose:

Rarity: Common


With a listing price of $40, there are 32,000 digital pieces of Spider-Man in his traditional “squat pose” on offer.

Rarity: Uncommon


This set has Spider-Man in the “hangin’ out” pose. Available for purchase will be 16,000 pieces, each with a listing price of $50.

Rarity: Rare


9,000 NFTs will be available in this class. This class will be listed for $100 and depicts Spider-Man in the “jump into action” pose. 

Rarity: Ultra Rare


There will be 2,500 editions of Spider-Man in “animated pose” for this class. Each piece will have a listing price of $250.

Rarity: Secret-Rare


Here Spider-Man is in his “ultimate animated pose.” There will only be 1,000 NFTs in this class. Each will be listed for $400.

The Spider-Man NFT collectibles will be the first official release of NFTs from Marvel – the comic giants. Other popular Marvel comic characters, such as Captain America, Wolverine, etc., are expected to be in the next series of Marvel NFTs that will be released. 

To be in the race to purchase Marvel’s Spider-man NFTs after listing, access the VeVe Marketplace through the app here. More information about the listing can be found here and in this tweet.

The Usefulness Of NFTs

NFTs are non-fungible crypto assets. They are non-fungible in the sense that each NFT is unique. Each NFT has a blockchain identity that it does not share with any other crypto asset. 

The attribute of being unique on the blockchain is what makes NFTs have useful application in identity and copyright management. Content such as artworks, games, videos, and other forms of media can now be tokenized into NFTs and marketed on the blockchain.

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