NFT Alley – A Premier Multi-Chain Market on Binance Smart Chain

The platform will offer convenient NFT minting, selling, and trading across multiple chains.

Introducing NFT Alley

NFT Alley is an “avant-garde” NFT market which has the mission of creating a multi-chain marketplace for minting, selling, and trading crypto-collectibles seamlessly. Fast, low cost NFT trading on the platform is possible on NFT Alley thanks to the integration of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The NFT testnet of NFT Alley is now live.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. While cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are fungible, meaning that they are interchangeable, and one bitcoin can easily be replaced with another bitcoin, non-fungible tokens are unique.

The NFT Alley logo

NFT Alley is looking to take advantage of the recent buzz surrounding NFTs with a simple-to-use platform that also offers more complex features for experienced investors.

What is NFT Alley?

NFT Alley is a multi-chain NFT marketplace created as a “one-stop-shop” for the seamless minting, purchasing, and selling of digital collectibles. The market differentiates itself from other platforms in a number of key areas. Firstly, NFT Alley supports multi-chain trades with extremely low transaction costs. This means that users can easily purchase, sell, lend, leverage, and collateralize crypto-collectibles across platforms.

By keeping the transaction costs low the company hopes to accelerate growth and entice new users into the sector. Low costs and speedy trades are achieved thanks to the scalable attributes of BSC which NFT Alley has integrated.

NFT Alley also looks to further support the sector with a realistic price discovery mechanism, assisting both fresh and more seasoned users to determine a realistic value for their NFTs.

The company also facilitates seamless and uncluttered communication between buyers and sellers, allowing maximum transparency. There are also significant rewards and incentivization schemes which allow users to earn passive income from the market. NFT Alley hopes that the dependability of this passive income will act as a mediating factor against the more volatile aspects of the market.

The NFT Alley market

NFT Testnet

NFT Alley is currently encouraging its community to participate in its testnet, with $3,000 in $ALLEY Tokens available as bug bounties. Depending on the level of participation in the testnet and the number of bugs found, NFT Alley may increase the bounty to reflect the findings.

Users who wish to report an issue can click on the “Support” button at the top of the testnet page. 


The NFT Alley project is supported by the $ALLEY token. Alley confers benefits to token holders such as governance rights, and distribution rights for rewards. It is also a transaction token on the platform.

The maximum supply of these tokens stands at 10,000,000, and is distributed as follows:

Seed investors: 500,000

Private investors: 1,350,000

Public sale: 123,457

Ecosystem and rewards: 4,500,000

Liquidity provision: 300,000

Founders and team building: 2,000,000

Foundation reserve: 1,000,000

Advisors: 226,543


Q1 2021

NFT Alley Ideation



Setting The Foundational Stone For NFT Alley

Q2 2021

Public Sale

Alley Listing

Staking Program

NFT Marketplace On BSC (V1)

Q3 2021

Effectively Employing NFT Price Discovery Models

NFT Loans (V1)

NFT Marketplace On Other Chains (V2)

Q4 2021

NFT Governance

More Details To Follow

Concluding Thoughts

The NFT sector on Binance Smart Chain is becoming more sophisticated and enjoyable, and with NFT Alley’s great list of benefits and features they make an excellent addition to the chain. Even better, NFT Alley seems to have found the winning combination of beautiful UI/UX and ease of use that makes using the site a pleasure. Anyone who has an interest in NFTs, whether novice or experienced, should find something to appreciate at NFT Alley.

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