NFT 3K – Battle Through the Tripartite Three Kingdoms

With gameplay centered around deck building strategy, NFT 3K brings a long-gone historical period into the GameFi industry.

Introducing NFT 3K

NFT 3K is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game that taps into historical China for its story and gameplay. In NFT 3K, players take control of historical Chinese war heroes in the form of NFTs, which they can then take into battle in a Trading Card Game (TCG) format.

The GameFi project is powered by the $TYB token, which is used to purchase the NFT cards used in game, as well as the incentive for playing.

Gameplay and Story

The Three Kingdoms time period of 220-280 CE is when the NFT 3K game is set. The NFT 3K website notes that this was a time of conflict, but that those involved had both noble aspirations and romantic qualities. During this period warlords from the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu engaged in conflict to take control of the country of China.

The gameplay is reminiscent of other TCG-style games but with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) mechanisms built into its core. There are 60 different NFT cards, with each one corresponding to a specific card type. Each card has its own unique background story and skill set, and each card falls into one of seven different levels of rarity: gray; white; green; blue; purple; gold; and red, with gray being the most common and red the least. 

These rarities unlock both more powerful in-game skills and enhanced DeFi earning capabilities for the holder. The NFTs can be upgraded as well as sold to earn more $TBY.

How to Acquire the NFTs

The NFT 3K cards can be acquired in two different ways. The main method is purchasing loot boxes from NFT 3K. Each loot box has a different rarity level which corresponds to its price. Players have the chance to acquire NFT cards of certain rarity levels when they purchase a loot box.

Besides purchasing loot boxes, players can also use the NFT 3K marketplace to buy and sell their NFTs. This allows players to customize their decks by buying the NFTs they want instead of purchasing loot boxes.

Clans and Collaboration

Players in NFT 3K can also create and join guilds to maximize their powers. Guilds start at the lowest level and gain power with every card pledged by users. Guilds grant a 5% battle bonus to military commander cards at base level, and the bonus increases as the guild continues to level up.

Along with the battle buffs, players also receive a boost to their staking yields from their guild, as well as the amount of tokens earned in battles.



Much of the tokenomics for the $TBY token is centered around building the GameFi ecosystem of the platform. As the game ages the tokens will become more scarce, increasing the value of in-game assets.

Concluding Thoughts

NFT 3K is a solid new GameFi adventure that could be quite intriguing for fans of Chinese history. With TCG-style combat and deck building, there is an element of strategy to the gameplay.

The project claims to be building a highly valuable NFT-centered DeFi ecosystem that meshes with their gameplay, according to their website. If you’re in the market for a new GameFi project that taps into historical themes and TCG gameplay, NFT 3K may be worth a look.

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